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  • Girls turned out like s***. The seed strains I've ordered over the past 1 & 1/2 yrs were right strain but the seeds are poor quality. I used to get 1-1/2 ozs per plant at least(1-2 hit weed) on 3 strains I had 2yrs.ago, but lost the 3 strains one hot summer. (indoors) Nirvana seeds are either too small & tiny or white -tan in color, a couple might be healthy looking but can never get more then 6 to 14-16 grams dry weight from 3-3 & 1/2 ft high plant Mh 1000 & HPS bulbs Quamtum dimmable ballasts, organic ferts w/soil 3 gal buckets. Can't get even a lb out of 30-40-growing w/Nirvana seeds. I need to find a site that has top THC quality seeds genitics that delivers good yields deliver what they say & not a rip off site. I have CLL and I am in the middle of my chemo treatments. I'm tired of wasting precious time that I do not have growing s*** weed for 3-4 months. I need a good site for quality high thc seeds!!!
    Btw the white powder you mentioned is most likely a calcium build up. As hard water (ph 7-14) evaporates it leaves behind the calcium that was in the water creating a chalky white powder
    As for guidance nothings better than just reading everything you get your hands on. Read it all. Anything you're particularly interested in. I recommend heading down to borders and picking up the cannabis grow bible and start there. After you get through that book you'll have a million more specific questions that you will be looking to answer and will be able to search more accurately for your answers. Hope i helped and hope all is well.

    Keep it Green
    On the ScrOG... it really doesn't matter, do what suits your needs. That's the whole point in using a training method in the first place. Just remember that once the plants woven into the screen it's there permanently until harvest time. So remember to take that into account during the planning process.

    On the ppm, i just recently got my own meter after a year of maintaining a hydro system, I kept track of mine on paper. The math is where its at, but there's no way to tell what the ppm is in the reservoir after its initial mixing so you're basically flying by the seat of your plants (pun intended) you make your judgments on when to change your reservoir by what the plants are telling you. Look for deficiencies and attribute for them.
    The battle against ph... well i don't really fight it, i work with it. I happen to just use my own tap water which lucky for me is sitting pretty at 7.0 (neutral). Though to battle it you can use something as simple as lemon juice to raise the ph or epson salt to lower it. However i recommend just heading down to your local pet super store and picking up a bottle of ph up and ph down from the fish section. It's controlled, measured and standardized.

    Draining aeroponics is simple just drain it right back into the initial reservoir that youre pumping it from. You're right it is a waste to just throw it away. Think of it this way when the water is sprayed on the roots it drips off before the plants can use all of the nutrients so what's the point in wasting all of that unused nutes that you spent effort on.
    OK, first sorry for the late response, Things tend to get real hectic in my life real quick and i have to make the choice to ignore other parts to make up for it. So... sorry again.

    to answer your questions:
    Soil is more stable if you don't tend to your plants everyday and do not have a lot of experience with fertilizers. The soil gives you a buffer in how often you have to water your plants and make up for the lack of a proper fertilizing regimen. Aeroponics is an adaptation of hydroponics and follows the same parameters. It just requires different parts, ie. high pressure water pumps to keep the plants roots hydrated. Yield, and growth are most definitely faster with hydro there's no comparison. using the same light source with the two different mediums i watched a tremendous increase in both. Flavor is negligible because it is a personal observation and really cannot be quantitatively measured.
    hey u asked about +rep all u have to do is look on the post u want to give rep right above the join date there are the scales click on that and it will send u to a screen where u can write a comment then hit enter and u good! :)
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