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  • Hey Oldreefer, I was reading an old post of yours at-

    What was the final outcome of your molasses test? Did it improve the quality?
    Wow, you dug up some old thread... If I remember correctly, don't think results were significant enough to prove a positive increase in anything important but didn't hurt either... I still add a little blackstrap at times.
    Thanks Oldreefer!
    Looking for a little help on the sex if this 5 week old bag seed plant. I have a posting that said please help with pictures. Thrall you I'm advance.
    Gotcha...without a 60x glass you won't see trics but the other two indicators are visible to the naked eye...swollen calynx and shriveling hairs are good signs....looking forward to watching this with ya...
    Yes, i meant the hairs are amber not the calyxes.i dont have a magnifier so i have to guess from what i look.i will bother you again when it is on day 55 to tell me your opinion :).
    hey man...checked yo pics...gotta wonder about 'amber' at 44...check that again...I'm sure mine seldom show any amber whatsoever before 60 days....a nice lil sumpin 2 hours before chop is water well...watch those calyx swell! I just did a 'drowning' test which shows great promise in beginning cure by choking off oxygen several days before harvest....awaiting dry/cure data to decide impact but the damn calyx were def twice the size as control plant....keeep up the good work...ya gonna like BOTH of those babes...they'll thicken up more and more!
    SUP !...Can't specifically say about the fb...but I grew LR2 so much...kinda got it down to a science! 65 days is pretty avg or mine......I actually used LR2 to plot my preferences scale in maturity etc ...I really like all cloudy....very few clear, even fewer amber...LR2 wit non sulphured molasses is some nice tasting weed my friend...I check yo post and give ya a holler...
    Hello again oldreefer! my fb is on day 44. i was wondering when did yours was ready?! also check my photos on my grow and maybe tell me how much more do you predict?? thank you
    Actually stinker, I have been using 12/12 on my autos as I usually have a photo or two alongside them. I use small pots (2 ltr) adn proper nutes during growth and am very happy with my yeilds...I used 20/4, 18/6 and even 24/0 but now use 12/12 to reduce energy cost and as I only grow for myself, yeild doesn't matter...BUT I will say my largest yeilds have been under 12/12 but that's more due to proper nutes and environment control...There's some great autos out there now, much better than a few years ago when they were only a novelty....
    You seem to know about autoflowering. I've just joined and trying to find some friends who can help me. I was wondering if you new if I would lose of weight if I use 18/6 instead of 24 hours. I already have to rooms I'm trying not to have to make another room Thanks stinker.
    Seet Seeds has some great genetics...mostly indica doms...fast bud and speed devil are the shit!
    As they're auto, they will finish on time as long as environment is controlled throughout...cfls may not give ya a large yeild but the potency will be there....World Of Seeds has some killer autos too...wickedly potent...kinda like the sweet seeds...
    I'm not an expert but I have had great success with my auto grows...a better forum for autos is autoflower.net...much more auto friendly than riu...
    Hello! i would like to tell me what were your top auto-strains you have tried if you wont mind.I am gathering views to make the best choise for me and as an auto expert i think you can point me to the right direction. Also what is your opinion on the fast bud (sweet seeds)? will i harvest after 8-9 weeks from seed with cfl's?
    Hey Shann... good to hear from ya.....Tn is still here in spite of it all....but I noticed yall had a bit of winter.....Sorry bout the beans....I only got about 50% germ off of them anyway (but was good weed).....Since talking with you last, I've acquired a tent for home and now growing some dank....I mean "medicine"...about the auto's, there's a new forum all for autos where ya can get much better info...the breeder of ONYX (stitch) is actually a member there....autoflower.net......Yep I've done a bunch of autos....HD Blue is one I haven't tried but Onyx I have...good potency.....My fav of the past year of trying new autos is sweet seeds fast bud & speed devil 2.....some killer knockout buzz.....doing some auto assassin right now that looks promising....Check the above forum and you'll be in the know about autos......GREAT to hear from ya....Donny
    hey there. how's things in TN? all is good here. getting ready to start something in a while. had a few problems with the beans you sent....power went out here with all the storm we had and off course it cost us our grow...they froze dead. have you ever tried Himalayan Blue Diesel auto's? we're thinking of ordering some to try and onyx i think its called. thx and talk with you later. shannon
    Yes, the Nirvana tabs are the ones I used. IMHO, they are certainly a viable option.....read up well on their usage.
    Hey, i saw a post in a thread about soil tabs, i was wondering if the set you can buy from nirvana really works - the soil and flower tabs, it would be a big help, thanks
    Hello mc....And THAT bud WAS some excellent material to vape! It's from a grow a yr ago....seeds from speedyseeds (at one time was around here)....Flying Dutchman "Pure"....Topped one which became an upside down umbrella of 22 buds....very tasy and some dank weed. 75% sativa.....great high.....
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