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  1. smokey0418

    Vertical zips.

    I have seen @bostonbob do this vertical zip thing , so wth let’s give it a try. Panama Red Death in the baggy on the hunt for the females. Thank You sir.
  2. smokey0418

    MarsHydro TS1000 and sts spray

    Thank you @MarsHydrofactory for the contest. Ok , let’s get this party started . I have a 2x2 tent with a MarsHydro Ts1000. I am playing with a chocolate diesel s1 cutting taken of the better of the two plants that I have in flower. Not sure why, just for fun as seriously I have enough...
  3. smokey0418

    Mars Hydro FC E6500 and Useful Seeds

    Hello and Welcome Everyone. First I would like to say Thank You to “@MarsHydrofactory”for the great contests they hold on Rui. I was lucky enough to Tie @Rolla J in the Black Friday contest. Head out to if your looking for a great fixture for coverage. What I will be...
  4. smokey0418

    Items of use around the house

    Dual purpose items used in your house for growing purposes. How about my satellite heat , 100 percent humidity and 90 degrees to boot. He things we do:bigjoint:bongsmilie
  5. smokey0418

    More than just a leaf?

    Coming of a gelato strain. Somethings going on here. Thank you for looking. Enjoy
  6. smokey0418

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway: Ace Seeds Bangi Haze RDWC by smokey0418

    Hello and Welcome to Everyone Thank you #MarsHydrofactory What we have here are feminized photoperiod , Bangi Haze from Ace Seeds. I am growing in a 5x5 tent with a 4 site single reservoir . I source cc bulkheads nets pots and tops. Three plants were in veg for 42 days and one started from...
  7. smokey0418

    DWC issues

    Hello I am not new to growing by any means but have been out of the game for quite some time and now with legalization I have pursued my passion. I currently am trying to understand what’s happening. I think I may know as I do use the Search function to try and resolve but this is getting...
  8. smokey0418

    RDWC Manifold Question

    I am in the midst of designing a system for my tent moving forward. 4 totes , 2 on each side with an equal splitting manifold and draw returning to the tank. So if I'm pumping say 400 gph , hopefully if split proper 100 to each. Is there a reason to have the additional manifold across the...
  9. smokey0418

    dwc mainling damp off

    Ok its been quite some time that I have grown a dwc plant and as we know things happen fast Trust me I have used the search function more than once for issues I have incurred over the past 6 weeks. Now I finally got things under control, stable ph 5.8 , ec level that goes down about 25 points...