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  1. amneziaHaze


    can somebody explain foxtailing and is it bad or good how to recodnise it?
  2. amneziaHaze


    i got this grinder as a gift but i think its time to upgrade. can any of you recomend me something good? i just want it to fit good in hand and to be heavy.
  3. amneziaHaze

    Packing bong bowl

    how do you guys pack bong bowls i usually make a huge mess wonder if its best to make it tight or light. what are your preferences?
  4. amneziaHaze

    First grow on Rollitup

    Just wanted to open this soo i can have a link. if you want to talk about anything feel free to write anything i can do better or anything that confuses you just write :D hope you like the grow
  5. amneziaHaze

    Hydro MiniBox

    Started the seed: 21.2.2022 Seed opened: 23.2.2022 Breeder: Unknown Discussion link: Strain: Unknow Type of growing medium: DWC deep water culture Hydroponics Trening: Low Stress Training, topping, suppercroping Lighting: Fake...
  6. amneziaHaze

    DWC mesh screen

    i got one question for you veterans of hydroponics would making a mesh to simulate hard substrate to give support but still wide enough to grow maximum thickness of roots. would it be better than not putting it in. i allways get a hammer shape of roots