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  1. Dalek Supreme

    "Jesus Certainly Existed" Three Reasons To Be Skeptical

    Three reasons why one (not relying on faith) should be agnostic about the claim "Jesus certainly existed". 1) The Gospels/Acts are overflowing with signs of literary fabrication. "Those who want to find a historical record in Mark face an even greater obstacle than the ambiguous evidence for...
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    Highway Robbery Nevada Highway Patrol

    Just spreading the news.
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    The Mighty Quran's Cosmology

    How did 1400 years of the uncorrupted Quran know these things which only science now reveals? Cosmology Miracle in the Quran (part 1 of 2) Quran (Pickthall) "21.030 *Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece* (Gen. 1:2a "the earth was a formless void...
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    Theism= Thought Addiction

    Theism is an addiction of thoughts via the "Holy Dopamine Ghost". Theists mistake cocktails of attention getting, motivational, and learning for reward neurochemicals (evolved for energy gathering, and species perpetuation) as a paranormal event/contact (Holy Spirit, Divine Spark, Nirvana and...
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    Critique My LEO Encounter

    State Trooper stomps on my rights, or doin a great job? I'm deeply sorry for not holding phone horizontally. What would you do? The one local cop said I was rude in a previous encounter. What it was is I did not play his 20 questions game. Here's another encounter with a control freak...
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    Temple Cleansing Fiction

    Temple Cleansing Fiction The Jesus Temple cleansing scene is considered historical by many biblical scholars due to it not being supernatural. Never mind that the courtyard was a massive area (this fact overlooked in recreations), and had armed guards (there were boxes people put money in to...
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    Solid Undeniable Proof of the Trinity

    Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine the not so holy trinity. These neurochemicals are responsible for people's goals, Gods, religion, and spirituality. It's the motivation for one person's career, and another person's drug, or gambling addiction. Irrational beliefs are the ancient part of the...
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    AronRa: Refuting The Irrefutable Proof of God

    Video series by Atheist AronRa as a polemic to another video series stating the irrefutable proof of God.
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    Simple Tutorial For Beginners Using Hempy & Lucas

    1) Cannabis Cultivation Basics Using Passive Hydroponics (Hempy) & Maxibloom (Lucas Formula) Introduction: This tutorial is geared to a specific method which is adaptable/transferable to other methods of growing. Geared for the beginner grower, or those interested in a simple Hempy guide...
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    Jesus Myth & Why It Endures

    There's basically two ideas of thought on an historical Jesus. One being the Christian view in that the New Testament is an historical document free of error. The other is mainstream secular scholars saying the NT has kernals of truth, but who Jesus was (wandering Rabbi, or militant leader, and...
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    Simple Passive Hydroponic Cloner

    This is not to be considered a full tutorial on cloning. Knowing the basics first will help in this throw together simple method. Excuse the cartoonish freehand in pics. I basicly make a Hempy cup with drain hole 2" from bottom of cup.Wrap my...
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    Sex,drugs,and God is how the ancient Romans rolled.

    Sex,drugs,and God is how the ancient Romans rolled.
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    Ancient hallucinogenic Sacred Sex,Semen.and Milk. :fire::sleep::fire:
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    Beware the "Ides of March",and the truth of the "Christos"

    Say no to Sheitgeist...lulz!
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    X&Y Files (Granules of the Hyperverse)

    Smoke up,click link,then click play all,and make sure to watch full screen........OOOH! AAAHHH! :hump:
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    Some Things to Ponder

    The worlds religions are a classic example of divide and conquer 101. Our history,and our origins were erased,then replaced by a tight,and ancient bloodline. The victors write history,and covet the spoils of deception...
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    Highgrade Seeds Big Blue (No Template)

    The grow 3 Phenotypes.At least 3 wks of cure for bud testers for report. 1)Sativa dom.Goes to 12 wks for couchlock stone.8-10 wks for cerebral high.Early harvest has a grape bubblegum snap to the taste.Later...
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    Liighting Nute Requirements For Tin Roof Rusted NL#5 X BB

    Hey seedologists... Here is my shy of 6 wks 12/12,completely dusted 3 wks ago pregger girl clone.I have her under my normal bloom lights being fed passive hydroponicly at half strength nutes. She lookes like she is fine with it,with her pistol receded swelling calyx's,peppering here,and there...
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    "Cop Goes Insane On Driver For Refusing Search Without " Youtube.anyone see?

    POS Pig thought there was more meat in the fryer.
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    Neat food nutrition database.