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    Cookies Fam Genetics

    Everything to do with Cookies fam Genetics seeds, strains, flower ect ect :blsmoke:
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    How long left

    how left long
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    Any ideas what this is

    Any ideas what this is? 6 weeks into flower, the temp is between 28 and 30c, humidity is between 55 and 60% RH with a good air exchange/movement. EC is going in at 1.2 and coming out at 1.3. Ph 6.0. The problem is at the top of the plant, not the bottom. And it's getting worse and spreading.
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    Plant leaning

    Hi guys, so I have got this really weird but good problem. Basically 1 of my plants has a main stem and loads of buds are growing out the side of the plant and I have tied them to the main stalk to prevent them from bending towards the ground and falling over if that makes sense? But now the...
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    Slight leaf discoloration

    Any ideas what this leaf discoloration is? It's not super bad or anything. I'm just trying to keep my girls perfectly healthy
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    White worms

    Any idea what these white worms are in my Run off? I am in coco and I keep seeing these white worm things in the run off. Am I tripping? Are they roots or worms? They don't seem to be causing me any issues. I just noticed them a week or two ago and they keep coming out in the run off the same as...
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    Plant growing into the light

    Hi guys, 1 of my plants is growing into the led light. Should I supercrop it and bend it back to prevent it growing into the light or should I just leave it alone? Any help is appreciated cheers guys :bigjoint:
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    Is this a hermie?

    2 weeks into flower, I think one of my phenotypes is turning hermie on me, it's in house genetics sMACkin.
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    High Humidity

    Hi guys, I have got high humidity 2 weeks into flower and I can't lower my humidity it's sitting at nearly 75% and I'm worried I might get powdery mildew or bud rot or both.I'm using a 25 liter Dehumidifier and it's not bringing the RH down. But it is removing over 10 liters per day. What can I...
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    Ladybirds ordered

    I have ordered some ladybirds, is it okay to use them in flowering to get rid of any microscopic bugs? Or should I just release them outside on a sunny day? LOL :bigjoint:
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    Any ideas what is causing my leaves to do this?

    On one of my plants the leaves are curling and going funny, but it's only on this 1 plant. The rest are fine. Any ideas what it could be? Temps are ranging from between 25c and 28c. Humidity is between 50 and 60%. Coco. E.C is 1.6 and PH is 6.0. Feeding daily until run off. week 1 of flower...
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    Any ideas what this is?

    I'm Thinking maybe it is from a few water drops on the leaf when i was feeding my plant that got hit by direct light and burnt? or maybe a caterpillar had a go at my plant? It's only on 1 leaf. The rest of the leaves are fine. I also checked underneath the leaf and I didn't see any bugs or...
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    Hi guys, I am using a Meaco arete 25 liter dehumidifier outside of my tent and I am struggling to get my humidity below 55% inside my tent in flower, could I put the dehumidifier inside of my tent to get the humidity lower or would that dry out the plants? Any help is appreciated. Cheers guys...
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    Plants aren't doing good.

    Hi guys, my plants aren't doing good. I am in coco and my PH is 7.2 which I am struggling to lower because every time I add PH down the PH rises back to 7 after a few hours and from the research I have done it is due to the buffers in my tap water which is stopping me from lowering my PH. So...
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    Hi guys, do you think she needs transplanting? She is in a 1 liter plant pot and she is starting to droop and the leaves are going yellow on the bottom. The temps range from 27 to 29c, under a 400watt HPS. (She is slightly heat stressed but I can't do nothing about that until I flower her and...
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    Nitrogen deficiency?

    Hi guys, I have a few plants and some of them seem like they are turning light green/yellow. My E.C is 1.2, temps 28c, humidity 55%. They are 4 weeks old. in coco. I am suspecting it is a nitrogen deficiency and they need more feed? One of them looks a nice green colour and the rest look a bit...
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    Tacoing leaves

    I need help my leaves are tacoing and turning yellow. Humidity 60%. Temps 23c.
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    small plants

    My plants are really small, they are about 3 weeks old. They are dimmed under a lumetek 465w led at 25% and are receiving around 130/140 ppfd. When should I turn it up to 50%? And how come stuff is growing on top of my coco? is it a salt build up? 65% Humdity, around 23 and 25c. The E.C is 0.9
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    Hi guys, my seedlings are about two weeks old and they are growing pretty slow and 1 of them is suffering from a nutrient def. I am feeding them 2ml of canna start in coco which is basically baby food for seedlings. The E.C is 0.8 and the PH is around 6.0. I am using tap water so the canna start...
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    Electric costs

    I'm using a 465w LED and a electric heater and its costing me $100 dollars per week to run it, surely this can't be right? HPS isn't half as expensive. I'm going to run out of electric and my crop is going to fail. I can't afford 100 dollars a week on electric. What am I supposed to do? I...