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  1. Homegrown Hero

    Cross pollination - Runner’s High (v1)

    I did something this year, been shy to share, but here it goes! I ended up with some peanut butter breath seeds in a bag I grabbed around 3 years ago, been holding them ever since. I tried growing one around a year ago, it was a hermied mess so I tossed it. However I kept some pollen and...
  2. Homegrown Hero


    Hey growers I’ve got a question regarding bagseeds and S1 plants. Would a bagseed be an S1 plant? I’m asking because I’ve been growing for quite some time, often fem beans, and have been wondering this for years. The search function hasn’t been much help for this specific topic. I’ve recently...
  3. Homegrown Hero

    Partial sun, full results. Balcony grow 2020 (PNW)

    Humble beginnings of the 2020 balcony grow. All bagseed, including Tom Ford, MKU and a mystery strain.