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  1. potroast

    Forum Moderators

    Hello RIU members, We are looking for some members who want to help our forums in an extraordinary way. We realize that our community is mostly self-policed, and all of our members are constantly trying to fix mistakes and improve our site. We thank everyone for that! What we are looking for...
  2. potroast

    Help San Diego MMJ patients

    The Medical Marijuana patients in San Diego desperately need your help. We have a petition to tell our county District Attorney that she is unlawfully prosecuting patients. She is purposefully ignoring our state law. Please help us by signing the petition...
  3. potroast

    Nutmeats - Tainted Spicy Pecans

    I roasted some Pecans in Canna butter and Worcestershire Sauce, and then coated the nuts in some Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Salt, and Cayenne. Finger lickin' good! :bigjoint: I got the recipe in the latest edition of West Coast Cannabis magazine. :mrgreen:
  4. potroast

    MMJ Potency on the label

    This is interesting. :mrgreen: From this link at Drugsense. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: Dec 11, 2008 Harborside Health Center, a city-licensed medical cannabis dispensary, is pleased to announce it has begun laboratory analysis of its medical cannabis products. This effort has been...
  5. potroast

    Got Hemp Milk?

    Or should I say, Got Protein and Essential Fatty Acids? I drink hemp milk regularly, I make it from hemp nuts. I take a couple tablespoons of hemp nuts and put them in a blender with water, and blend for several minutes. The water turns milky white, so it is called Hemp Milk. I add a dash of...
  6. potroast

    Merry Happy! My Secret Perpetual Joint Formula Revealed

    [start Holiday Music] In the spirit of the season, I'd like to share with you, my friends at Rollitup, my original formula that results in me always having a joint to smoke. It's something that I have developed over many years of experimentation and rigorous testing. Maybe you have been in a...
  7. potroast

    Cooking with ABV Pot

    Have you cooked with ABV Pot? What, you say, is that some strain I haven't heard of? No, I mean Already Been Vaped Pot. :blsmoke: What do you do with the pot that you've vaporized? I've been saving mine for years, and I've used it in recipes a couple of times to surprising results. The...
  8. potroast

    Nutrient Soup

    What's in YOUR res? I've tried many hydro nutrients over the years, and I'm always checking out new products, and occasionally even switching. What I'd like to know is what do you use, and why. If the answer is 'because a friend said to,' or 'the hydro store guy,' then say that. I've tried...
  9. potroast


    All right! Hydroponics is what I know, and hydroponics is the way I grow! :bigjoint: This forum will be great, we can discuss anything hydro. No dirtbags here, We haul water! We can compare the different nutrient salts, and all of the additives. Plus the kinds of soilless media and...