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  1. Critical_Purple

    3x3 scrog idea

    Ok im currently trying my first scrog. It's going great. My concern is my 15g fabric pot already shows roots its not very old either. I'm wanting opinions I found a 35x35 fabric pot. If I put the 35x35 in my 3x3 next grow do you'll think it would help with plant growth. I know bigger roots means...
  2. Critical_Purple

    Looking for opinions

    I am currently running 2 3x3s and a closet. I have 2 sites in dwc tent a 1 site coco tent b and closet has cloning and two sites in coco soil. I did have 3 in one 3x3 and I've decided to just let one plant have tent b. Do you think it will yield more in scrog or just the Normal training and...
  3. Critical_Purple

    Elev8 Forbidden Cake ultimately stressed

    Popped 6 of these on Dec 15th and I've been just stressing them to the max. I now have 2 in coco and 2 in rdwc. I must say these elev8 genetics forbidden cake plants have done really well. I have snapped branches completely off I have bent the steps an inch from dirt at 90 degrees yes they have...
  4. Critical_Purple

    Idk if I should worry rust on one or 2 leaves

    Growing in coco and this is seed junky ice cream cake. I am wondering if the rust on this one fan is from just the leave rubbing on the trellis or a nutrient issue. Honestly it could be from me dripping nutes I'm clumsy at times
  5. Critical_Purple

    Diy hydroponic filter ideas

    Ok so I'm currently running RDWC and I recently upgraded the water pump to get more circulation. The pump I ordered is very powerful but cheap as it doesn't have no filter at all. I looked around my house and finally I took a 5 gallon fabric pot and placed the pump inside the pot. I then wire...