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  1. Kipn

    air pump questions

    do air pumps get louder when they are warm because ive just tried everything to quiet the thing and if i leave it off until its 100% cold its quiet but after 5 minutes running and it worms up a little it starts humming again. im not sure if its my mind playing tricks on me or it its actually...
  2. Kipn

    ant nest in outdoor pot

    i was giving my outdoor plants some nutrients today and noticed one pot has a ant nest in it i have several plants all in a big net so i cant remove the plant plus they have just started flowering so i cant re-pot to get rid of the nest i am thinking the ants might eat too many roots so its...
  3. Kipn

    thoughts on seedlings

    hi people so just some dumb questions what i probably already know the answer to but since ive never done it. ill come ask on here about it. i just sprouted a seed but i dont actually have a veg aria at the moment not for another 2 weeks or 3 since my flowering plant is taking up the room this...
  4. Kipn

    opinions on roots and nutrients

    hi growers ive started a new grow to test out some nutrients that i haven't used before to see if this stuff stops staining my roots when growing in dwc. the nutrients are called CYCO PLATINUM SERIES GROW A & B so far i have noticed my roots are more white then my past grows or at least not...
  5. Kipn

    ducting question

    hi growers so i am looking to buy new ductng as my insulated ducting is getting abit old i seen this stuff called Black PVC Coated Dual Layer Air Duct what is allot cheaper then insulated ducting has anyone used this pvc coated duct and if yes does it insulate sound like the other insulated...
  6. Kipn

    help with soundproofing materials

    hi people so i am building a new stealth grow cupboard setup and i intent to line it with some sort of soundproof materials i intend on having my extraction fans, carbon filter and electronics contained in one cupboard and a second cupboard for my plants and light both right next to each other...
  7. Kipn

    making feminized seeds hermaphrodite

    hi growers so i just ordered seeds apparently they are feminized seeds i want to make them go hermaphrodite so i can make the plant self pollinate in attempts to get more so called feminized seeds id imagine allot of people do this so if anyone has tips and tricks to pass along id be...
  8. Kipn


    hi people my plants have started to foxtail because its getting too hot. my question is will that stop if temps decrees or will they keep foxtailling regardless since they started already
  9. Kipn

    question on storing ph meter for 3 to 6 months

    hi growers so i need to store my ph meter for 3 to 6 months while i cant grow so it will not be touched in a while do i keep the prob in distilled water or ph calibration or do you think the prob will be fuked in that time regardless
  10. Kipn

    dwc flushing before harvest

    hi growers ill just start by saying i understand allot of people dont flush because they find it pointless and a good cure of your buds is all that's needed and the only time they think flushing is needed is if you've been going heavy on the nutrients and have burnt your plant or messed up the...
  11. Kipn

    developing red stems while in flower

    hi people so im more interested in your thoughts on the matter over a fix for it so ive been flowering for around 5 weeks. the entire grow up until a few days a go ive had no red in my stems at all. now i am seeing red showing up along the tops of the leaves stem . not the entire plant just...
  12. Kipn

    3rd week from 12/12 what do you think

    3rd week from 12/12 what do you think its a sativa dominant strain personally i think its flowering slow but is coming alone ok so what do yours all think flowering flow or normal for sativa sorry couldn't turn lights off i the photo
  13. Kipn

    enough tops or too little for your tastes

    is it too little or too many tops for a 3x2ft should i aim for more or space it out more next time
  14. Kipn

    changing to bloom in dwc

    so im almost at the end of week one from flipping to 12/12. i just re filled my res but i just run out of veg nutrient . do you think it will matter if i just change to bloom tomorrow instead of buying more veg nutrients. im not 100% sure if that will have any negative affects as i haven't cut...
  15. Kipn

    flipping to flower dwc question

    hi people so im intending on going to 12/12 today with coca i know you water with veg nutrients for the 1st week after going in to 12/12 with dwc do i just refill my res fresh with veg nutrients for the 1st week then refill with my bloom and continue as normal?? do i need to run veg...
  16. Kipn

    plant smells strange

    this might be one of the strangest questions has anyone noticed their plant smells like a goat just not as horrible/strong as one
  17. Kipn

    flip or wait

    just wanting to know if you'd flip at this stage or keep waiting
  18. Kipn

    dwc question

    hi people so i put my plants in to bigger buckets and bigger air stone but i noticed its making the roots float and bunch up i only just put them in their bigger buckets and scrog last night and i see no problem yet but i am wondering is this going to become a problem or is that normal should...
  19. Kipn

    dwc question

    hi people so my dwc has been going ok but im kind of confused about my ph so i have been keeping my ppm around 450 and as the plant drinks i am topping up with the extra nutrient mix i made when i filled my res last week i empty and refill it fresh every two weeks so my plants drink about a...
  20. Kipn

    brown spots showing up on leaves

    hi people so i noticed yesterday my ph was 5.2 and had been so for 2 days. i corrected that but today i noticed brown spots appearing my guess is its ether because of the ph being off or a calcium build up or some sorts of fungi all the new growth is perky and spot free so i am unsure if its...