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    Just skunks

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    Why does this taste like codeine?

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    Dry sift room temperature

    I bought some 115 micron steel screen. I've never done this before, I'm curious how important it is for the room to be cold? I'm doing about 75 grams of bud and kief (kept in the freezer). I read 55° is good, but that's not happening. I plan on running it through a finer screen later, but I want...
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    Extreme defoliation...2

    Stripped her to the max
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    I'm a bit of a commie

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    Local Sock Politics

    Which of you are socks? It's entrapment if you don't tell me.
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    Hardcore is dead

    Here's some late 90s to kick it off. May your wrists beware.
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    Look at this

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    Gumby hash

    I've got everything frozen and water is chilled. When I put it in the bucket, should I let it soak before I agitate? I plan on attaching a blender head to my drill. Only running a quart jar of bud. I got tired of evaporating alcohol and I have no bags, so I'm trying the gravity solution.
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    Submarine tek?

    Not OC
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    Baking dirt in the kitchen

    This is new to me. Does anyone have any experience?
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    When to switch b. pepper and tomato to maxibloom from maxigrow?

    Bud sites started forming a week or two ago, but I'm not sure when to switch
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    Why are you so anxious?

    I'll start. I don't know. The irony is I love strains that make me spiral the first 20 seconds. A spoonful of sugar :-D
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    I don't even like blueberry weed

    Here's my first legit attempt. I'm lazy as fuck and half retarded. So be ashamed of yourself if you can't do better than me. Say whatever the fuck you want here. Don't report anyone. Be civil, or don't, I don't give a shit. Have a beer, make an ass out of yourself.
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    The current opinion of silica

    I'm in week 8 of flower. Still using it, but just to adjust my pH. I was reading some old posts on here about not using it past x in flower. But you guys change your fuckin minds twice a week. In 2014, I would be good. 2015, I'm killing my plants. They are healthy, I'm not worried, but if my...
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    Wanna show off my first 2 clones

    I took some cuttings off my first legit grow, thems the results. They're not that far off in age, but I stunted one to keep it small cause I want to flower it next run. Happened a few weeks before flip, so I take it out of the tent during lights off. Also had some fun with it. I really liked...
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    Tips on separating this qwiso?

    Never had a puddle of uhh..fat? I know it isn't the prettiest, I overwashed.
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    My first plant, almost done :')

    Spoon for scale.