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  1. Moabfighter

    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    Blue lab ph meter 43% off. 176 instead of 300 and some. Grabbed it last night. heck of a deal
  2. Moabfighter

    Your latest seed purchase?

    The beans on that site are quite cheap and look very good. What’s the deal? This company reputable?
  3. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    Purple flavonoid is one of my favorite strains I’ve ever grown. Have one late flower now. Black pepper and orange terps.
  4. Moabfighter

    Ethos freebies question

    Memberberry and member OG kick ass. I’d pop those yesterday. looking forward to seeing you hopefully grow those ethos freebies out. Heck try the blueberry too and see if you get any good terps
  5. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    White truffle x Pablo’s revenge sounds very enticing
  6. Moabfighter

    In House Genetics Thread

    Any tips for popping hard to pop seeds? I swear this whole order just doesn’t germinate. Came last year I believe from a bank, maybe year before, I ordered Slurricane Ix and slurmints IX and the freebie was rogue valley wreck cross. None of the Slurricane ix popped, and I’m just now trying the...
  7. Moabfighter

    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    It looks nice. How does the humidity monitor work? Will it keep humidity within a certain range?
  8. Moabfighter

    FREE TEST for INKBIRD WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer

    Can I try this also, please? Thanks
  9. Moabfighter

    FREE TEST for INKBIRDPLUS Air Quality Monitor (CO2 Detector)

    I’d like to try one please. Thank you.
  10. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    The structure and nose was amazing. Nice symmetrical long branches. Very good smell. I didn’t want to believe it but it was bad. We’ve been herm hunting a lot at work lately. Immediately saw them when I looked….. I’m gonna try more of them in the future though. Seemed worth it.
  11. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    I’d sincerely appreciate that man. Thank you.
  12. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    Wow! That looks amazing man
  13. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    Right at a month in flower
  14. Moabfighter

    Clearwater Genetics

    Man my devil driver S1 hermd bad. Hope I cut it down in time and didn’t pollinate anything. Sacks seemed closed but man there was plenty of them…. Anyone ever get a black velvet to root they’d be willing to share? Mine never really rooted :/ Thank you
  15. Moabfighter

    Virginia Trading Company

    Anyone have any simple classic Northern Lights seeds or clones they’d trade for some of my beans? I have a lot of ethos regs Grandpas stash r2 and R3 fems Morockin Kush fems Inhouse black cherry punch Slurricane Trichopath Slurmints IX regs
  16. Moabfighter

    In House Genetics Thread

    BCP is fire man. Wish you hadn’t got rid of that. Cherries x name brand Hawaiian Punch terps.
  17. Moabfighter

    In House Genetics Thread

    Trichopath back right corner. The tall lanky one Zurple punch back left corner Last time I’m gonna run soil. Takes twice as long as DWC and don’t get the best node stretch. overall, pretty happy. Need to hit the defol here soon.
  18. Moabfighter

    bodhi seeds

    Man that black triangle has some TERPS at work. Wish they’d wash it soon and make some rosin. Super fruity.
  19. Moabfighter

    Bad, weird and peculiar smelling strains

    Cannarado cheetah piss x papaya was very funky. Armpit cat pee smell
  20. Moabfighter

    Co worker fired for “causing TMV”

    The integrated pest management guy got a machine about a month ago to test for viruses, couple thousand per test or whatever he said. Someone allegedly found “chewing tobacco” on a leaf yesterday, looked at it under the scope, said it “looks like chewing tobacco” and dude wasn’t even there...