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  1. Horselover fat


    Is this true though?
  2. Horselover fat

    Silicone in bucket...?

    Silicone shouldn't do anything, but ones meant for bathrooms etc have antifungals in them.
  3. Horselover fat

    War is all I'm saying :lol:
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    ^ 14 leopard 2s and 88 leopard 1s from germany :clap:
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    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    Ha, my head is normal human shaped. They'll never realize I'm an alien/angel/demon.
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    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    The signals would be impossible to pick from background static 100ly away though. Voyager, the fastest thing created by humans, is travelling at 17 km/s. If it had been sent 100 years ago it would have travelled a quarter of a light year from the centre of the dot with only 99.75 light years to...
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    I just can't

    Have you seen a chimpanzee memorizing the location and order of numbers from 1-9. No way any human would be able to do it that fast. Apparently there is a trade off with our style of thinking.
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    I just can't

    More information is not the same as more intelligent. The same brain could be given or not given information. Take a new born from ancient Egypt to our time and they might end up a rocket engineer.
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    I just can't

    They did not have the necessary information.
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    I just can't

    Our brains have not changed much. We are no more intelligent than ancient Egyptians or the first farmers 10000 years ago.
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    Has anyone tried the kratky method?

    Kratky also works well for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc, but probably not so great for cannabis...
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    I just can't

    How does the water in a well meet with the non water above it?
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    I just can't

    The Us is not the only one to have visited moon: All those countries keeping a secret like that. Amazing.
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    I just can't

    That much is obvious. Unfortunately you will definitely be mown down if you stand in front of a train... No matter how much you choose not to believe in the train.
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    Cheap led lights

    I think they are making up the stats. I believe the 57400 lumens might be true, but the par maps and other stats not so much.
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    Track cycling

    Yup. You would have to be much, much stronger than your opponent to just pedal your way to victory. The drafting rider uses like half the power to ride at the same speed as the front rider. They should win almost every time by conserving energy and passing just before the finish. That's why the...
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    LED Grow Light heat

    The less power your light uses the less heat it produces. A 400w led is going to produce 400w worth of heat. Doesn't matter which 400w led it is. The heat is also the same as a 400w HPS, or 400w of incandescent bulbs.
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    How can I lose 60 lbs without working out?

    Don't forget blue shorts.
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    1000watt yield ?

  20. Horselover fat

    I just can't

    I'm saying most of us have been almost as high.