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  1. Chief_Broom

    Only Turkeys

    Not trying to start a fight but I thought beavers were protected in the US (maybe not there)?
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    Method or trick for maximum taste?

    The real trick to the dry/cure is to stretch out the dry for a minimum of 7 days. If you can make it take longer than that it’s even better. Mind you I’m not saying leave you pot out to dry for a week or two no matter what. Once it’s dry enough to burn it’s dry enough to seal up for the cure...
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    Outdoor grow need tips(grow space is surrounded by bushes )

    Netting would definitely help to keep pests off your plants, but if you are trying to be stealthy then that might actually make your grow stand out? If you are comfortable with building a frame for netting and that not drawing attention then why not put together some type of greenhouse? Use a...
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    Outdoor grow need tips(grow space is surrounded by bushes )

    I’m an outdoor grower and like the OP I also use other plants growing around my spot to help conceal that I’m growing cannabis. Let me start by saying that sharing your grow spot with other plants is detrimental to your cannabis plants. Crowding with other plants creates air flow problems, but...
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    Storing cannabis in plastic vs glass

    Where using glass canning jars makes sense is for long term storage (a year or more). Plastic containers and even zip lock bags work just fine for storage and transport but as the months go by unless the container has been sealed in some way (vacuum pack etc) the cannabis inside will dry out...
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    Storing cannabis in plastic vs glass

    Plastic can be airtight but it’s a lot harder to get and maintain that airtight seal when the lid is closed. The most important thing about storing cannabis long term (year plus) is to maintain that air tight seal. If there is any air exchange at all the cannabis will dry out.
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    Grow Landrace Sativas in Containers Outdoors

    If the plants are mature when you move them outside you’ll want to wait until there is enough daylight to keep them in veg. If you put a mature plant out in April it will start to flower and then re-veg as the days get longer in May. You can use a light shining on you plants for a couple hours...
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    Wow beautiful plants and amazing yield. This demonstrates what it takes to grow a plant this big: 10 months. My outdoor runs with photoperiods go 5 - 6 months. Germinate seeds May 1st and harvest late September/October. I easily get 1lb plants. This year I ran a sativa dominate strain photo in...
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    Heaven, Hell, and the Devil aren't real, but God is?

    I never understood the fear of death or the need people have for an afterlife. Obviously the experience of death will be exactly what it was like before we were born: you do not exist. This life is what we have and when it’s over that’s it.
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    Cutting stem to dry

    I like the idea of drying the plant whole but leaving it upright like the OP was able to do to dry. When you hang a plant upside down the buds all become covered in the fresh limp leaves which then dry that way. As an outdoor grower though I couldn’t leave the plant in its caging outside in the...
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    C-4 So close

    Remember kids they don’t call them donkey dicks because they are big around an shaped like a dick. We call them donkey dicks because they are big around, shaped like a dick, and hang down to the ground because of their own weight just like a for real donkey dick does!
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    C-4 So close

    I am not one to bag on someone about their harvest timing, especially for us outdoor growers who can see a plant take a huge down turn overnight, but… If you’ve got good weather and no signs of rot, mold, or caterpillars give that plant another week. If in a weeks time she looks the same I’ll...
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    Well this sucks

    Interesting observations regarding neem oil. I use it but I stop after the plant starts flowering. It is very strong smelling and I can detect that it has been applied to a plant weeks after it’s been sprayed (heavy rain can impact this by reducing the smell). Honestly it isn’t very effective at...
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    Cutting stem to dry

    Not the guy you were asking but leaving the plant intact (ie waiting to do a dry trim) helps to slow down the dry. It’s just more stuff there to dry out.
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    Early harvest successes?

    This is a part of any plants individual phenotype. I’ve had plants that developed potency very early on in flower. I’ve had other plants that looked to be at a similar stage but totally lacked potency.
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    What do you do when you grow too much weed?

    When I have a harvest that nets me pounds I do the same as when I harvest much less. Store it in mason jars deep in a dark and cool closet. I also give away some along the way but if I have enough I’ll skip growing for a year or two.
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    Should I Harvest Now.

    Watch for rot and mold as both can spread quickly.
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    How much for a pound near you?

    Those are the kind of prices that keep me growing!
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    This year's outdoor grow

    Those must be some cool neighbors
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    Is this ready to harvest?

    Great thread! Really shows how waiting makes a difference. just compare the pics in the first post compared to those today. Not a huge change but the buds have definitely filled out and fattened up more. It also shows where waiting as long as possible is important, but if this where an outdoor...