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  1. CallinCarRamRod

    Random Jabber Jibber thread

    Sorry to hear about all the suck but, Im glad you recovered and are doing well. Yea once New Jersey became legal, the price didnt really go down, but the quality and the availability skyrocketed. I lost 60% of my customers, since you could literally go to the casinos in Atlantic City and buy a...
  2. CallinCarRamRod

    Is Biden really that bad?

    At the rate this world is destroying itself, There won't be anything left for any of us
  3. CallinCarRamRod

    Is Biden really that bad?

    Didn't mean it like that. I meant it as a general statement. Our congress and House people are 70-80 years old and have been in office since the 80's. Everyone wants change, but the same people who made shitty laws in the 80's are making shittier laws and keeping shitty laws in todays world.
  4. CallinCarRamRod

    Is Biden really that bad?

    The funny thing is. Older people are generally unemployable. Due to age, mental/physical health. ETC. Yet they're exclusively running the country
  5. CallinCarRamRod

    Regular seeds

    There is NO way to tell, until you start flowering. Its a gamble. I always plant 2x the seeds. If you want to know earlier, take a cutting/clone, And force the flower
  6. CallinCarRamRod

    End of Week Five

    Looking great!
  7. CallinCarRamRod

    Fertilizing Your Seedlings

    I wouldn't fertilize seedlings. Especially, if you're not very experienced. In good soil, they have plenty of energy until the first couple sets of leaves form.
  8. CallinCarRamRod

    Is it weird that only hash gets me high weed doesn't?

    I was the same way, Its like drinking vodka for a month and expecting a couple beers to get you buzzed. Gotta lower the tolerance pal.
  9. CallinCarRamRod

    Random Jabber Jibber thread

    Same old man! Got real busy with the hustle and bustle, but I Moved down south a couple months ago. Loving life. So much free time, sitting on the side of a mountain, drinking my coffee, hitting my vape. This is life!. How have you been?
  10. CallinCarRamRod

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome. lots of knowledge on here. Also alot of idiots. Enjoy!!
  11. CallinCarRamRod

    Hey TY I've been following you and your knowledge for over 6 years!!! Thank you for sharing.

    Hey TY I've been following you and your knowledge for over 6 years!!! Thank you for sharing.
  12. CallinCarRamRod

    Random Jabber Jibber thread

    its been a while. Is @tyler.durden still around.
  13. CallinCarRamRod

    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    All I did today. smoke, eat, shit, nap, repeat. What a way to spend a saturday!!
  14. CallinCarRamRod

    beer good

    I love me some cheap beers. Natty Daddys for the win!!
  15. CallinCarRamRod

    its been a while. how Y'all doin

    its been a while. how Y'all doin
  16. CallinCarRamRod


    I shoot em. They steal the chickens feed and burrow where they shouldn't. If they get into buildings, they like to chew wires. they taste really good also.
  17. CallinCarRamRod

    My "landlords" are drug testing me...

    Move out. Even though you're of age, your parents make the rules in their house . Either pass the test, or get a new place to live. Becoming a man is a big step .
  18. CallinCarRamRod

    How much for a pound near you?

    Damn .I pay 3200/lb or 900 a 1/4 lb. And I thought that was cheap
  19. CallinCarRamRod

    Advise please bros?

    You can't choose the sex of your plant. You will never know if its a male or female till its flowering time. Spend a few days reading through the forum. Ypou will learn alot
  20. CallinCarRamRod

    Question about pruning autoflower

    That is what works for me. Autos have genetic timers. With the exception of dead leaves, removing plant material only lessens the harvest. If you top, It will never recover fully in time