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  1. ProPheT 216

    Hello everyone from Ukraine

    110 billion dollars, and all you have is a tent?
  2. ProPheT 216

    Led grow room temps??

    If you were outside you wouldn't worry if the temp was say anywhere between 72 and 85 f. So I wouldn't worry to much about a perfect number. Focus on consistency and a decent temp.
  3. ProPheT 216

    whats a reputable usa retailer online for seeds
  4. ProPheT 216

    Autos flowering slower than ever

    All that time and your not gonna drop your lights to 12 12 and see if they are photos?
  5. ProPheT 216

    Autos flowering slower than ever

    They r probably not auto flowers is my first assumption even tho they are supposed to be. 2 you said if you knew these were gonna take longer than 60 days you would of done different. all that leads me to 1 think this is your first grow, what did you grow that was a 60 day finisher? 2 y...
  6. ProPheT 216

    reveg techs

    They will change back to normal. They basicly will produce single leafs like from seed first, then 3 fingers and so on. Reveg takes some time but it incourages growth from the sides the same as topping. It's worth the wait. You can take clones of the reveg or just run it again. Try to let...
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    Opinions please !

    Simplifying your set up may help you deduce issues. @CoastalMarySeeds
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    Should I chop?

    Your good to chop. Everyone on here always says wait lol
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    Decarbing when recipe uses high heat?

    I don't decarb, i just put hash into the oil or butter in a jar with a loose lid. Place that jar in a pot of water and lightly boil for 20 minutes, then barely simmer for about 90 minutes. I've done comparison tests, decarbing does not make a difference for me with hash. If anything I loose...
  10. ProPheT 216

    What could this be..

    I would say you can't get it to wet, but you shouldn't keep it soaked. You can't get rockwool to wet either, but you shouldn't keep it saturated all the time. Meaning water, let it get down to 33% of its wet weight and water again. Don't let it dry but don't leave it soaked.
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    Marijuana Growing

    Night and day diffrent. You gain quality, but tend to yeild a lil less than you would with a quality fert like athena or jacks. I hate dealing with roots and pots and soil and the whole mess so I've just done dwc for the simplicity the last 2 years. I don't mind the massive yeilds either.
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    What could this be..

    All leaves have a slight claw, to wet, maybe to high ec aswell Did you just water before pictures?
  13. ProPheT 216

    What could this be..

    As stated above total guess. Your feed strength is to strong or soil to hot
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    Anyone that's likes to zone out to tracks like maggot brain check this out. [MEDIA]

    Anyone that's likes to zone out to tracks like maggot brain check this out.
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    Opinions please !

    I'm frequently impressed by the beauty, complexity, and financial investment of many grow room setups. However, I'm equally dismayed by the frequency of disastrous results that occur early on. I'm puzzled why people don't start with smaller setups before expanding to larger ones. I don't mean to...
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    Opinions please !

    I think your starving them at 500 ppm. I'm at more like 700 730 in dwc. 500 was probably enought till the plant started to seriously produce leaves, now it's not enough, everything is in short supply and high demand
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    [PHOTO] Is it mold ?

    If you have a ac unit, humidifiers,or anything like that bleach it all best u can. It's all blowing mold spores and a great place for it to hide and live. Increase your air exchange in your tent, and add another canopy fan. Should help the next grow
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    [PHOTO] Is it mold ?

    Grove bags really help the cure, they would of saved you from this mistake. They don't let you just throw in wet buds to dry, but they let out moisture slowly down to 60%, you being so close to dry enough, the bags would of let them cure properly...
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    [PHOTO] Is it mold ?

    Yea it was likely your big buds and main colas that were still wet, and you probably had some mold on one that you missed that help it to take off in the jars. Some of the small stuff might be ok but the big ones look totally infested. All that dead matter inside the colas while it was growing...
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    [PHOTO] Is it mold ?

    Then it was not dried enough before being closed up and it molded. I would throw it all away in that case. It is all contaminated