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    Wife keeps a cup labeled "fertilizer" in the bathroom. She likes to water my tomatoes with it...

    Wife keeps a cup labeled "fertilizer" in the bathroom. She likes to water my tomatoes with it. Can't argue with 100 lbs of tomatoes. Sure is cheaper than batshit!
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    About a pound...
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    I'd say, "patience grashopper". Another couple of days and you'll know for sure.
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    Guess i'm gonna have to ask my wife....
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    Damn, @kkt3 . Came here to say exactly this.
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    Breaking adictions with mushrooms

    @shredder4 I'm late to this party. Been a while since I've posted here. Yes. A little more than a year ago, I grew my first shrooms. I basically stopped drinking and smoking weed after my first trip. Pretty much rewired that part of my brain. My original post about it HERE. It wasn't...
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    Women in Music

    @PadawanWarrior Inappropriateness at it's best.
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    All that Jazz

    The definition of melancholy.
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    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    don't nee no need to dunk your cakes. getting your substrate to field capacity is the next critical part of the process. check philly golden teacher on youtube. follow his bucket tek. if your substrate comes out too wet, just squeeze it out - a handful at a time. people like to use a garbage...
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    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    Clear vs white lid will have little effect. Do your best to resist the temptation to open them before they're fully colonized. The only reason you would need to dub tub is if they grow taller than the tub and by that point, you'll be wanting some air exchange anyway. Same as growing weed...
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    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    If i'm reading you right, you've got six half pints which equals 3 pints or a quart and a half. People use different ratios of spawn to substrate when spawning to bulk. 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and even 1:4 will work. Higher ratios of spawn will likely colonize faster, will be more nutrient dense and...
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    Wicking q's??

    This is half smartass answer and half practical answer.... Use whatever is your regular soil mix. Set it up and check it after 2 days. You'll have your answer. Answers beat opinions every time.
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    One looks ready

    @althor Incredibly easy! Keep it clean and it's easier than growing weed.
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    One looks ready

    Okay, i've gotta ask... Why are people still messing around with cakes? Why not just spawn to bulk? nothing could be easier.
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    Another story that proves guns make people safer

    Didn't you know Little Baby Jesus invented the Armalite Rifle? C'mon. Do your research.
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    Pot Size Difference?

    If you have room for it, bigger is definitely better. More volume for a larger root system, greater initial volume of nutrients. If you can bump up to 5 gal, even better.
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    Another story that proves guns make people safer

    Honestly, stating that guns make people safer is ludicrous. That is independent of my personal biases either for or against firearms. The chart below is from Statista. They're in the business of collecting and reporting data. They aren't on one side or the other of "The Gun Debate". I'm not a...
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    Second Grow.. How Much Longer Would You Reccomend?

    Nice. Surprised you're even asking. Looks like you've got this.
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    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    Do you beleive in Aliens? is kind of a loaded question. Suggests all the crazies.There's the ancient civilizations crowd, the alien abduction crowd, the little green men crowd, the "We're God's greatest (only) creation" crowd. We'd be crazy to think we're a statistical outlier - the only...
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    Is This Section Of Buds Ready?//ANY HELP APPRECIATED

    The only reveg I've done has been puposeful - revegging clones from a flowering plant. To my knowledge, stabilizing the light cycle is the primary way to correct it. You said it's an outdoor grow. Do you live in an area with a lot of artificial light at night? This can interrupt the dark cycle...