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  1. Behind Dark Clouds

    Area 51 Genetics? Anyone ever hear of them?

    Just wondering if anyone else picked up a pack or two
  2. Behind Dark Clouds

    Have you been Swerved?

    Buying seeds from cc is like importing ebola from africa
  3. Behind Dark Clouds

    1st order, intercepted!!! Read

    the attitude seedbank has arrived every time and is the fastest ime. Others have had bad luck but I haven't so the only experience I can really share is that I ordered 3 times all of the times they arrived. Once in breeder package, twice out of package. stealth was pretty damn good too I picked...
  4. Behind Dark Clouds

    Starbucks becomes the first American company to pay for employees secondary education

    In the last 8 years Starbucks has dropped their employees hours so they don't have to pay for healthcare or even the school expenses. They like to keep their employees at 17-19 hours a week so that the employees stay far away from full time. And when they work you full time they will only do it...
  5. Behind Dark Clouds

    Texas Sends Armed Troops to Defend the Border

    Now they aren't defending the territory they are escorting the cans over.
  6. Behind Dark Clouds

    The politics of my balls

    Funniest shit i've ever seen.
  7. Behind Dark Clouds

    weather modification! chemtrials very real

    I'd like a copy of your next report Dr.
  8. Behind Dark Clouds

    The politics forum has gone to shit, along with BNB

    Bed n Breakfast is becoming the next ma and pa shop gone walmart.
  9. Behind Dark Clouds

    Rich dems embrace the poor

    Funny I got reported for harassment, apparently your only allowed to abuse people in the politics forum.
  10. Behind Dark Clouds

    Rich dems embrace the poor

  11. Behind Dark Clouds

    This is just in

  12. Behind Dark Clouds

    Rich dems embrace the poor
  13. Behind Dark Clouds

    Rich dems embrace the poor

    its funny, anyone can post anything here and no one cares :D.
  14. Behind Dark Clouds

    Rich dems embrace the poor

    Your obsession with dick makes me think yours doesn't get hard anymore