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  1. Stealthgroguy

    How far can "ripeness" be pushed?

    I read the same thing about the tricombs being at peak potency while they are milky. in high times like 16 years ago and I also read a few issues later , """( I had a subscription because I was growing my first time no internet marijuana was frowned upon still so I started of reading as much...
  2. Stealthgroguy

    Male reveg

    Pretty cool mutation right there, can see why. I would definitely want to preserve it myself .do all the leaves on him do it by any chance?
  3. Stealthgroguy

    Making use of sugar leaves

    Yeah I don't let a single experience keep from doing what I like to do took a few years after that to learn again because I was scared now it as dangerous to me as crossing the street
  4. Stealthgroguy


    Absolutely . happened to me before wouldn't never use led then leds started getting better and seen what can be done with em and I made the switch.
  5. Stealthgroguy

    20days and no buds

    A number of factors determine that. a light meter and temperature readings would solve this
  6. Stealthgroguy

    20days and no buds

    In my homemade "rule book" just a note book and file folder full of nothing but grow information .a good light is rule number 1 for indoor growing, they cost the extra money for a good reason you're plants are light thirsty savages that need bright canopy coverage and penetration
  7. Stealthgroguy

    1st time don’t laugh ok just a lil bit

    Mine is dummy proof
  8. Stealthgroguy

    1st time don’t laugh ok just a lil bit

    My plant I got same thing a random bag seed pretty much . Seedling I buried most the stock because it was all stretched out wanting to fall over. a super slow vegetative growth it's flowering like a bitch now didn't want to get very tall it's a photoperiod indica dominant hybrid heavy budding...
  9. Stealthgroguy

    20days and no buds

    I try to avoid blurple lights if I have to use them I get other white led bulbs around them to try and straighten the spectrum out and to answer your question about both light switches yes use both while flowering all red light you will have fluffy stretched out buds with no density to them...
  10. Stealthgroguy

    Mexi's D.I.Y butane extractor

    I always used a metal aluminum tubing about 3' long much better and easier to make can fit alot in a 2 liter pop bottle save alot of time during Thanksgiving blasting all the pounds of trim and sugar leaves from past summer grow
  11. Stealthgroguy

    Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

    I feel like this is a easier and better way to do it then hovering over a plant holding a jeweler loop with uv rays pelting the back of my skull I think the only thing about why that's not how it's done now days is it comes down to storage for cannabis products shelf life longer. waiting for the...
  12. Stealthgroguy

    Choose your strain carefully.

    Just a little misconception of advice I see alot of pros that will give to someone who knows almost nothing about what time it is .will be to start out growing auto's because they are easier to grow . Well Stop the clock home boy you telling lies , sure there's nothing to it ?? Wrong! Reasons I...
  13. Stealthgroguy

    What Are You Listening To?

    Listening to my ol lady yell about how it all my fault she getting fat
  14. Stealthgroguy

    Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

    I will keep her going then
  15. Stealthgroguy

    Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

    Picture almost 2 weeks old .I'm not at home right now or I would of used a new picture it's ripened a bit since
  16. Stealthgroguy

    Why don't more ppl grow auto flowers?

    I'm growing photoperiod takes me around 107 days from seed to harvest . 1-2 weeks seedling . vegg for 1 month and flip the switch going to harvest this one next Friday
  17. Stealthgroguy

    1st time don’t laugh ok just a lil bit

    If it's an auto yes if it's not a lot of people will say no .my personal preference I wait until they have 5 nodes. Then top and start training then. auto I would start training now.lst is not recommended by many if you grow auto I'm pretty sure you growing photos but idk
  18. Stealthgroguy

    Is this salvageable?

    Try bringing the humidity down to 50 if possible. Temperature is good humidity not bad or horrible just 50 and 40 % humidity is optimal for flower. I don't believe he was angry or assuming you're gender well crap there I go assuming someone gender
  19. Stealthgroguy

    Making use of sugar leaves

    Yeah I pitched it pretty far lol don't listen to me anyhow it's a wonder how I haven't died yet from all my dumbass endeavors in my crazy life