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Next up, pics from my current grow.

Little guys and the big Deep Chunk from a botched previous job of all males, except the Chunk

Day 32 of flower




PSB Trinity - Day 25.


Trinity Day 32


Fleur Du Mal's Indiana Bubblegum in front, PSB Hog's Breath to back right, Hazeman's LA Pure Kush to rear left - Day 32.

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Some more info:

I'm using (2) BESTVA 2000w PRO LEDs, with Meanwell Drivers and Samsung diodes. They were 180$ shipped, a piece, on ebay. Now they're up around $220. Great lights for a blah/lazy man harvester like myself - I am far from the type to dial everything in perfectly and live the life of a master grower - too busy with life and other stuff. My space is a 5 x 2 feet.

I use Fox Farms Happy Frog soil and add some Perlite. For nutes I use Grow Big, a tad bit of SuperThrive and Roots Excelerator. For flower I use Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom, around half what's recommended. Also add some Amino Acid supplement, Ancient Earth, CalMag, Terpinator, Rock Resinator, and Rhino Skin, at very minimal amounts. I plan to use MOAB in the last 3-4 weeks of flower..

I will say so far with this grow there are zero yellow leaves, even under the canopy. I did Lollypop it and the only deficiencies I see are rust spots around the edges of the bushy deep chunk monopolizing the right side of the closet. I'm using some calmag, hoping that clears it up.

The midget in the front, used 2 small pots turned upside-down to support 2 more 4 gallon buckets and raise it to canopy height - the runt - The Jean Guy - it absolutely reeks like pine, mint and skunk. The deep chunk stands out also, it has a light vanilla, plum odor that makes me smile, almost doesn't smell like herb. I've been reading the high is unique also, looking forward to it. The Trinity has the most energy and largest flowers, skunky, but not as much as I had hoped. Reminds me of NL. The LA Pure Kush is very kush, skunky, a real kick ass plant. The flo is the let down, the smell is awful, like sumac, earthy, dirty. Holy Grail Kush, Hog's Breath and Bubblegum are ehh, imo, probably not plants I'd grow again. Will update more as these progress..
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Next Grow's Line-up.... Nine seeds in paper towels and 7 have popped in less than 36 hours:

1. PSB - Kryptonite
2. PSB - Master OG
3. PSB - Cat Piss
4. Reservoir Seeds - Strawberry Diesel
5. BOG - Sour Bubble
6. JOTI - Sensi Star
7. Dr Greenthumb - G13
8. Greenhouse Seeds - Exodus Cheese
9. Dutch Passion - Euforia

Expecting some males... And more to come...

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Took down the Deep Chunk, day 51, had some kind of nute or root or aphid issue, leaves were getting crispy. Could have gone another 1-2 weeks I think. Also took down the Jean Guy runt, same issue, man is that weed smelly, straight menthol skunk. (I'm excited for a preview of Jean Guy, will be looking for a solid pheno of this at some point soon). Also, none of my other plants have even one yellow leaf, they're proving to be very resilient and perhaps proof that I'm getting better at growing. But back to the Deep Chunk - I vegged it twice as long as the others. First time growing this strain. Most unique looking and smelling plant I've grown, smells like plum, flower blossom and vanilla. I'm going to smoke this stuff, as I don't smoke much anymore but I have heard good things. The best part was finding several seeds in a flower I pulled last night. Was looking for more today and found two buds off the side of the main colas that had some seeds, looks like 17 so far and they're dark, viable looking. More to come..

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Trinity - Day 56 07.jpg
Trinity - Day 56 09.jpg

Chopped them today, Day 56. Could have gone 65+ days I think. The lower buds on the Hawgsbreath were noticeably 'unripe'. The tops on many were ready to go and a few of them were close to done. I need my closet for other things and I have a new batch coming.

Above is Trinity. Super dense nugs, high calyx to leaf ratio. Easy to trim. Was told it was a skunky odor plant. Smell was like something burnt, toasted. Chestnuts is what it reminded me of. Loud, pungent smell for certain. When I chopped it an intense tangerine odor surfaced, along with the toasted smell.

Holy Grail Kush - Day 56 04.jpgHoly Grail Kush - Day 56 03.jpg

Holy Grail Kush was the surprise. Low yields, leafy buds but the most frost out of all of them, sticky, chunky nugs. I heard it smelled like skunk, not this one, more like kush, fuel, not as loud as some of the others but one unique plant for sure.

Hawgsbreath- Day 56 02.jpg

Hawgsbreath was also a surprise. Lower buds could have gone longer but it ended up being much frostier than I thought. It also has unique, gross smell. Like wet dog and pig slop. I can see why it was given this name and I'm close to 100% sure this is the real deal S1 fem from Pacific Seedbank, along with Trinity.

LA Pure Kush - Day 56 01.jpg20230206_012357.jpg

LA Pure Kush put out the highest yield. A good large frisbee stacked high. Kushy fuel smell. Large buds. I started noticing seeds, same with the Indiana Bubblegum before it. I found 4 seeds in the bubblegum, I'm guessing I'll find some more. I also found one Trinity after a quick look-over. The LA Pure Kush gave me many seeds, like 200. I'm sure there's more also. I'm excited about that the most - When we were kids we were like "Ahhh mannn. Who forgot to check the bud, there's a seed in the bowl!" Now it's like "Seeds? Seeds? You found seeds in you bud? Oh man, what kind are they? Can I get a few of them?"


Got this sucker on Amazon for 25$ shipped, came with a free pair of those standard trimming shears. After they're drying and curing I may throw up some more photos. The Flo dried nicely and is on to curing. I will soon fade back into obscurity and reemerge with my next harvest. Thank you RIU.

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The seeds keep showing up and I'm finding nanners is all the buds. I wish some of them had more seeds... I am so excited!

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All of its now in jars and curing. I just want to put it down here, I'm shocked by the quality and uniqueness of all of these strains. This is some of the best ish I've grown. Not a big yield, could have grown them with more patience but I got shit to do.. Bubblegum smells like bubblegum, Flo dried to a sweet berry aroma, not the soil odor when it was growing. The Deep Chunk, all of them have impressed me and would recommend all of these strains.

HGK 01.jpg20230207_202526.jpg

Foy anyone curios, the Holy Grail was the stickiest. With a mint green color, glue like smell, really nice stuff. I'm too scared to try it though, will have to get smoke reports from friends. The LA Pure Kush hermied more than I initially thought, retrieved 500+ seeds. I traced it back to one of three large branches, some of the other LAPK buds had no seeds. I got a good amount of seeds from a few others and several seeds from 2 of them. That's all.
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Curing happens in the jars. I start the curing process before others, some say to wait till the stems snap 7-10 days. I wet trim - my buds tend to dry out in 3-4 days. Then I jar them, and as the moisture comes back i burp them, sometimes for half a day or so, depending. You can read up on it, lots of different methods.