Do boveda packs affect smell or taste?


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Never used them and never will. 6 month old weed? I don't smoke that. I prefer it fresh. The longer the weed sits around the more the terpenes degrade. It doesn't matter what pack you stick in the jar. It might slow it down but it doesn't stop it.


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Weed drops below 55% humidity that's what breaks weed down losing terpenes and cannabinoids lol curing is the preservation. Trichomes are gonna fall off regardless better to preserve than deteriorate. Now if you dont grow enough where you smoke everything between grows that can be different I guess.

As mentioned cannabis cup winners I've seen have had a 6 month cure, that's what I'm gunning for, for my personal day to day smoke that good


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My last harvest was my best to date and the first I’ve cured without boveda packs. My buds are a little dryer than when using the packs but the taste is smooth and the smells are intact without. I personally don’t believe boveda packs affect the final product. If you feel like your product is falling short on taste and smell I think the likely hood is how you grew it, dried it, and cured it. I will say storing your buds in 60-70F is crucial to preserve terps and freshness. Not just for drying.


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It can be confusing when to add humidity packs they aren't or shouldnt be needed until a month into curing round about. So needing them to cure isn't needed humidity packs are for preservation and long term storage keeping weed above 55%
So I just finished drying 4 plants and bought some 62 boveda packs to use after curing for a while. I started reading more about them and some people say they take away the nice dank smell and I am wondering if any of you have experienced this.

I have the 10 of the 8 gram packs and will be curing in 3 liter kilner jars. Would you guys recommend using 1 or would 2 or 3 per jar be better? Im not done trimming yet but its looking i will have 4 3 liter jars pretty full so i have enough packs to use more than 1 per jar if needed.

Thanks for any input.
I use them when I buy in Michigan and bring it back home and jar the really dry stuff to rehydrate a little from crumble.
Bad part it will cause a musty flavor if you don't burp the jar good enough daily and you MUST stir the bud. But that musty taste was in 1 type of bud and it might of just been the flavor of smoke, I think motorhead or something named similar. It has a really heavy fuel taste.
Other then that one time and leaving them too long in a jar, i love using them.