Grow Landrace Sativas in Containers Outdoors


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Will go outside in april-may, after sexing them indoors through light manipulation, eliminating males, and then returning to veg state. I can do that No Probs. Planning on harvest late Oct. to about now in 23 in Oregon. I'm looking for some advice from experienced growers of Landrace, timing of when to actually start the sexing project, whether to top, FIM, etc. Malawi, Lambsbread, Burmese. Danks indeed


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If the plants are mature when you move them outside you’ll want to wait until there is enough daylight to keep them in veg. If you put a mature plant out in April it will start to flower and then re-veg as the days get longer in May.

You can use a light shining on you plants for a couple hours after it starts getting dark to hold them in veg.