Is this ready to harvest?


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just an update after one week, the soil dry very fast, will need to water again, just put pure water, humility is 35-50%, temputure 26-28c, 340Watt led. 299815983_1420467735030492_2729346957219969216_n.jpg299672824_488584143095284_4628811007669726791_n.jpg298499060_1072016980091970_3622545586363128565_n.jpg


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Here is the harvesting info I share with anyone still learning about the life cycle of these plants.

The signs of ripeness are pretty standard for cannabis plants.

First a few of the pistils begin turning color and start receding. Your plant is just starting to ripen. Depending on the strain you could still have two months to go. We're just starting this journey.

Two to four weeks later you'll notice that most of the pistils(>80%) have now changed color and curled back into the bud. It's frosty, way bigger than it was a few weeks ago(aren't you glad you waited), and smells dank! It's time, right? Not a chance killer. Patience is a virtue.

Over the next 2-3 weeks it doesn't look much different, maybe a little more swelling in the calyxes, and the rest of the pistils change over, but the stems are starting to bend under the weight of the buds. These ladies are putting on weight internally by adding density and now the buds are doing their final ripening.

Now you begin looking at trichomes, on the calyx, not the leaves, and harvest according to your preference. When looking at trichomes it’s essential to look at them from the side. The bulbous heads can magnify the opaque stalk under it. Looking from the side allows you to more accurately see the condition of the resin in the trichome head.

There is still no rush to harvest, the window just opened, and you have several weeks before you MIGHT start having to think about it possibly beginning to get too ripe. It takes WEEKS for plants to mature not days.

It is very easy to harvest a plant to early. It is very hard to harvest a plant to late. I’ve never seen someone accidentally wait too long.


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Yikes that is some frosty bud. Agree with others...not ready yet. The yellowing leaves may or may not be an issue. I think my understanding is that it could be a variety/ strain trait. I've done 3 or 4 runs of a particular type and they've all turned all kinds of reds, purples, as well as yellow. Regardless of feeding they just seem to panic and rob every mobile nute they can. When all the green is gone I snip them off. At last harvest she had almost no fans left and yielded over 9 oz dry. If you are in the flushing camp I would suggest at least a couple more feeds maybe more. Then water only for a week or 10 days after amber trichomes become pronounced. In addition to further ripening the yield is increasing as well.


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here is the update after 2 weeks after the first post. I think I will give it another week. Will you suggest lowering the PAR, or shortening the daytime? The fan leaves and some big leaves are all crispy, the trichome looks 60-70% milky and others are clear. Thank you for all the comments above, I will keep you updated.301029959_5556312971149860_3892904178521750862_n.jpg301008950_632403974881168_3821140725048269564_n.jpg301199451_450177580200198_2276891278148399638_n.jpg300999542_602457308222195_2534182127343555026_n.jpg


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Great thread! Really shows how waiting makes a difference. just compare the pics in the first post compared to those today. Not a huge change but the buds have definitely filled out and fattened up more. It also shows where waiting as long as possible is important, but if this where an outdoor plant and the OP was sweating bud rot I wouldn’t feel bad if I took them 2 weeks ago in those first pics.


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Yah, when someone posts a pic of a bud with almost all brown hairs, and folks reply "2-3 more weeks" as they always do, this is exactly what they mean.

In a perfect world that could go another week or so, but you've got some leaf necrosis that's creeping into the buds, so I'd personally pull sooner than later at this point. Great job!

Edit: at least the tops. The lower parts with no dead leaves I'd let go another week for sure, just for good measure

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She's just about to the finish line but like the comment above, I'm not sure if I'd let it go too much further because of its health.

I personally would wait another week just to get some trichs turning and to let the calyx swell a tad more. Just iffy with the lack of healthy leafs. I also live in a dry climate so things like mold and budrot are almost a none issue. Might be something to consider.


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A new update, is it ready?
Looks right in the front of the harvest window to me and as others have commented - with a super healthy plant you could get another week of fattening at least. I had to learn this lesson also and tended to chop early and any justification would do. It’s a nice plant, good job waiting..not the easiest to do. Read up on the drying process unless you are dialed…now that is the biggest influence (good or bad) you can make imo.


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thanks for all the comments above, I will wait for couple more days. what do you guys think about lower the PAR from 100 to 75% now? will you keep 48 hours dark before harvest?