Mars Hydro XMAS&New Year Giveaway Starts: Win FC-E 8000 LED/Cash/Heat Mat!


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Mars Hydro XMAS&New Year Giveaway Starts!Win FC-E 8000,Cash,Heat Mat!

At the end of 2021, Mars Hydro released new products FC8000/FC-E 8000, 2-in-1 Grow Tent, seedling heat mat, Grow Bag, All of them are good for the New Year gifts. In addition, Also do the XMAS&New Year Sale for the Growers (use code: rollitup on site can get extra discount :bigjoint: ;) :bigjoint: ;) :hug: ). So that you can save more for your favorite New Year's gift.

We hope you will actively participate in answering questions and posting pics for a chance to win free products.Remember the activity time end Jan. 12, the surprises are ready for you guys. The new year is coming, please continue to support and love Mars Hydro.:bigjoint::hug::bigjoint:

[Activity time : from now on to 12, Jan.2022 ]
FC-E 8000 LED grow light (1 winner )
$50.00 cash via PayPal (1 winner )
Heat Mat(1 winner )

1. Answer Question/ Share your plants' picture and text growing description(light, area, strain, plants days, etc)/open the thread to share the grow journal.
2. like this post. MUST tag #MarshydroFCE8000.
3.No offensive words, No negative words, No other brand LED grow lights' shot or words, No Politics words). Peace and love first.

[PICK WINNER] total 3 winners
We will select the winner in a random way. The number on the upper right corner of your daily participation posts is the number of your participation in the lottery.So this means that the more times you participate, the more likely you are to be selected.

*What the winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with FC-E 8000 on the Rollitup.(or the light need to return to us. and have no chance for the next giveaway)FC-E 8000 winner does not need such a large light, you can choose the same price products.

Welcome to join us and good luck, everyone!Goodluck:hug::hug::hug::leaf::leaf:;);)
kindly remind use code:Rollitup on can get extra discount)


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[The features of Mars Hydro FC-E 8000]

1.Uniform PAR Distribution: Featuring 3928 pcs BridgeLux chips and a special chip arrangement that allows a more even distribution and efficiency of 2.8 µmol/j, FC-E8000 can take care of every plant well and grow the best results.
2.Enrich Red Light In Full Spectrum: In a special combination of spectra, the FC-E8000 is a full spectrum LED grow light which beneficial to the entire plant growth cycle, with more red light added contributing to flowering.
3.Adjustable Light Bar Layout: The movable light bar can be used to freely adjust the light density at different points within the effective coverage area, maximizing light utilization and creating an even crop. At the same time, it is easy to install, store and replace.
4.Daisy Chain Dimming Function: The dimming knob can adjust 0-100% of brightness to cope with the different plant growth stages, making dimming more convenient and saving electricity costs. Up to 30 lights can be controlled by the daisy chain with one master light.
5.Fast Cooling Heat Sink: Less heat is released in regards to the broad aluminum cooling area and passively cooled bars, helping for better thermal management.



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[The features of Mars Hydro Seeding Heat Mat]
  • 【Precise Digital Thermostat】With a high thermal conductivity metal probe outside and the fast processing power Chip inside, accurately display the current TEMP and power off after reaching the TEMP immediately.
  • 【User-friendly heat preservation pad】 2 outer layers which are insulating and IP67 waterproof, you can clean it safely and easily. Combination with a digital thermostat, warm up and keep the tempo of the soil, or your reptile safely.
  • 【Smart Temp Contorller】Smart Cache the last target temp. with led indicator lights observe and take care of your plants and pets easily. The control range is 40~ 108 °F (5 ~42 °C), The Display range is 32~140 °F (0~ 60 °C).
  • 【Reliable MARS HYDRO Team】 UL and FCC listed and 1-year warranty. We're active on social media, you could reach us for suggestions or solutions anywhere anytime. We are always at your service.



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Growing 10 Nanaz under 4 Mars Hydro SP3000 lights they have two months in veg using 50% power tried to go 75% but was a stress for them, I think they will be able to take more power until I change lights to 12-12.

Tent 200 x 240 x 200 using Coco.

#MarsHydroArmy #MarsHydroSP3000 #MarsHydroFCE8000


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