Should I Harvest Now.

Noticed that some of her sugar leafs seem to be turning brown dry but not crispy. And folding in on the buds. And two dry brown spots on two of the colas and a few tops. Should I harvest now?



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some are ready some are not. Harvest the colas that look ready....the ones with a bunch of white hairs still ( 2nd to last pic) do not get harvested yet, weather permitting they should be left to go longer.


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Harder to tell from the pics than in person, but I’d say you’ve got spots of bud rot now. Pull the bud open where you see those brown spots and see what’s under it at the stem.
I hope it’s not, but it looks suspiciously like bud rot.


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The bud with the one brown leaf in the middle (pics 1 and 3) has probably either got mold already or will soon. That's the only obvious spot I see in the pics.

Dead or damaged leaf/stem + moisture transpired from surrounding buds, is what leads to mold.