Storing cannabis in plastic vs glass


Newbie question here. It seems universally agreed that dried cannabis should be stored in air tight glass containers to preserve its quality, but why is this exactly? Or is this a common myth to begin with?

Would there be any downsides to store a large amount of weed for a long time in, say, a gallon plastic container vs a gallon glass mason jar?


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Plastic can be airtight but it’s a lot harder to get and maintain that airtight seal when the lid is closed. The most important thing about storing cannabis long term (year plus) is to maintain that air tight seal. If there is any air exchange at all the cannabis will dry out.


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Glass for what I keep, plastic totes for what gets um er exchanged for money..
That sounds about right but the cost and amount of glass jars seems ridiculous. Especially since its impossible to find anything over qt sz mason jars around here and they’re also gone off the shelves fast . Always done my outdoor in gamma lid buckets. Works for me


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I store my weed in glass mason jars, but it's for personal use only. I'm assuming there are plastic products available that are more air tight, but I thought plastics were more porous, in both directions, in general.


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Outdoors and personal. I couldn’t find more than a couple flats of qt jars my first outdoor and was getting glass gal pickle jars from a diner when i could. Pita imo. Went to the buckets and never used glass since works great imo but I guess thats me and my standards lol


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WalMart shows a case of 6 - 1/2 gallon jars for $14.00.


For ~$60, you can get 4 of those cases. 24 lids to pop off when you burp 'em is better than 50 lids. And each 1/2 gallon jar filled to about 3/4 full will hold just a nose under 3 oz.

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I like the Grove bags. If you have a hair straightener, you can heat seal them for long term storage.

Jars are tried and tested. There are pros and cons to both, but if you do it right, they both work wonderfully.