What are you smoking today?


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Feeling blessed for my current headstash:

Cinderella 99
White Gummy (Bubblegum x Jilly Bean x OG Kush)
Peanut Butter Breath
Blue Cookies x MAC

And just added these today:

Mac Burger OG (MAC 1 x Donny Burger x Paris Larry) (13 grams pictured)

Pebbles Punch (Fruity Pebbles OG x Purple Punch) (13 grams pictured)

Sir Napsalot

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My friend brought me some Huckleberry that was grown indoors by the company he works for, but which got thrown into a partial reveg after an employee fucked up on a light timer along with 4 other plants so he got them for free and finished them outdoors (minus one he gave me)
It's better than anything I grew last year


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Time to have fun
5 strain in there fuck him high

Found my nug smasher collecting dust clean it up
And let squish those pheno i dont love still all fire !16422683248153905932591107026372.jpg20220115_123625.jpg20220115_123610.jpg
Strawberry banana cheese that wone turn golden !
I keep a mother just to squish it the taste is perfect rosin .


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Slurricane - Kolab Project I was given a GC for Xmas to my local weed store, and picked this gal up. THC was measured out at 29.8%, according to the package. Sweet taste with almost a sugary strawberry like taste to her. Now, I’m a huge fan of Dosidos, grown twice and so far a Top 5 all-time strains for me. So I was expecting this to knock me out, but it didn’t. I’m a little weird with my weed right now after Omicron, so will give another go soon. Although I was able to sleep without my brain rambling on worrying about random shit. So I thank it for that relief, because I haven’t slept well for like the past 2 weeks since Omicron.