Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?


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**Who's Got The Frostiest Buds**
Ok. Well I think the title describes what this thread is about... I just want to see how frosty a bud can really get. Sooooo if you got nice bud shots.. and you think it's the frostiest.. post'em up here!! Even if they're not that frosty.. and you just wanna show them off, post'em up here!!

Ok. Now I know there's buds that are frostier than mine... but just to get things started.. I'll post some bud shots from my White Widow Plant!!

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aiight guys. Lets see what everyone else has got to show off!!!
I like white widow, that's a good Buzz.


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Early entry from me. Day 34 flower. Purple Passion Auto from synergy automatic genetics. Hoping it'll frost up good over the next four or five weeks.

Got nothing on most of the buds here, but not bad for an auto at day 34.
Main cola
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Some of the lowers
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The 4000k and fewer 660nm diodes put off a nice spectrum for pictures compared to the majority 3000k/few 5000k and higher 660nm count of the larger board in the 2x4.
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9 BFC's bruh lol. Just ignore the plant being in a 2x2x4 and assume it's thrice the size.

That's so nice looking buds.


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Woreoz - clear water genetics

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Slurricane#7 in-house geneticsView attachment 5195974

Platinum Gucci - rocbudinc
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I almost feel for him when he gets to shine and Jeiger. LMAO.
I'm " Thick As Brick "....would please decode reply
I almost feel for him when he gets to shine and Jeiger. LMAO.
Good one ! You're a real f'ing hoot ! Best yuk of the day........" Jeiger " ,
Great verb . Your right though , it's kinda sad. Thanks for the sentiment , very thoughtful !