1. Winston22

    Am I close?

    Hey :D I’m just wondering how long you guys think I have left on this auto? I want to switch a photo plant real soon so want this to be done to free up some space. I’m not sure what breed she is but I’ve grown her organically, feeding her mainly bananas! She could have been better tbh but it is...
  2. K

    Should I harvest

    Hello fellow growers. I have attached some pictures of my plants to get some advice on if you think I should harvest. I had some deficiencies a few weeks back so I think I’ve corrected them but there is still some clear foliage damage so I’m wondering if it’s worth it to go on any longer. I also...
  3. THC_Hazeman

    Should I harvest?

    Hey friends, I'm leaving my home in 2 days and my girl is not fully developed yet. I'll be back in 2 weeks. Should I just chop her down or wait until then? (If I wait I'm planing using 'automated' watering with the water bottle and the ropes method). I really don't have anyone to take care of...
  4. Reap911

    New White Pistils - 2nd Day of Darkness

    Hi Guys, I hope all is well on your side of the world. I put my 2 Purple Punch plants into a dark room after 72 days of flower. The rest of the batch finished up at 63 days but they seemed to have wanted a bit more time, still quite a few white pistils so I left them. Pistils retracted, well...
  5. Amateur-Grower

    Bud Rot?

    These photoperiod plants are coming to the end of week 9 floweing since switching to 12-12 light cycle. This is my 3rd grow and I never have come across bud rot. I have a de-humidifier inisde the tent and the humidity is always 40% or less. Also I cant tell if these plants are ready to be...
  6. KrAzY Buds

    Wet Trim Dry (Paperbag) vs Dry Trim (Hanging)

    I have just completed my 4th grow! Each one has been a little different each time, and Ive been using several techniques to learn as I grow. Just to preface, this particular grow started from seed inside, was sexed, and then put back into vegetation outdoor. I did not use any fertilizer, and...
  7. K

    Are my plants ready?

    Hello all! I have 2 auto flowers here that will have been flowering for 12 weeks come Monday 11/14. I tried to provide the best pictures I can capture to get some advice on if you guys think they will be ready by then? Let me know what you guys think!
  8. jonconk84

    Top Half Of GolfLeaf Harvested Today!

    Harvested close to 500 grams today off just my Main Colas and some of the smaller buds. Gonna give lower branches another week to Ripen. Got Dryroom set to 68 degrees F and 55% RH. Wet trimmed. Im happy with the yield expect to get 7 oz cured Super Dense Frosty Nugs. Very happy with this newer...
  9. P

    White flies

    I'm having problems what looks like white flies. I read to use a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap with a gallon of water but I also read that that would strip the oils from the plant. I am getting ready to harvest so any help would be appreciated.
  10. Spiveysrevenge

    2022 sativa harvest 6.6 oz

    Not baaaaaaaaad but not greatttttt either. But what are ya gonna do bitch about having weed lol? It was 6.6 oz in the end, well before I started smoking the last jar anyway. The rest has gotta last me tho cuz I don't even got a plug now. So it's off limits. Its actually pretty good. Also a pic...
  11. MetalFlower

    Harvest Help please!!,. Newbie here. Harvest time??

    First shot at growing,. Learning on the fly. This plant was started / sprouted mid summer from seed. Outdoor plant in central Kentucky.. From my research I think it might be a White Widow strain..? I don't want to harvest to soon or to late,.. Please see pics,. Note: Trying to upload multiple...
  12. D

    Gerneral consensus on harvesting...wrong?

    Fellow growers. What's happening! So as the title says, is the general consensus on when to harvest....wrong? I'm starting to think so. Here's why. Since I've bought a microscope I've been checking out all the dankest weeds that get me the highest. Theryre always solid milky trichs. VERY few...
  13. Growin4fun77

    First grow…. Is it time to cut and hang

    Hey friends… newbie here looking for input. This is a grow that came from a bag seed I started nonchalantly. I watered with distilled all along but have learned a bit here and there along the way and still have a lot to learn. It’s been fun. This said she has been through hell transitioning...
  14. D

    Budwashing and spider mites

    Fellow growers, what's happening! So today I harvested a couple of branches of my pineapple express. Now I've battled spider mites throughout the grow. Kept them at bay, or atleast though I did. Given this was an outdoor grow, and with spider mites, I decided to bud wash as an expiriment. I...
  15. D

    Ayahuasca Purple - so. Beautiful.

    Fellow growers, what's happening! Thought I'd share my outdoor, organic, ayahuasca purple shot. She's so dang frosty and gorgeous. The buds are SOLID purple, so vibrant. This plant has done exceptionally well thus far. She's about 6ft 2", including a 15 gal smart pot height. Considering I sowed...
  16. max316420

    Trimming machines???

    I’ve come to the point in my growing career where I absolutely despise trimming (been doing it for 20 years) and think it’s finally time to invest in a commercial grade trimming machine. Can anyone recommend a good trimming machine for commercial use that actually works right and doesn’t destroy...
  17. F

    Gorilla Glue outside pot grow

    I think I am ready to harvest these now... I am seeing, what I think are milky white trichomes with a large number of brown pistils. Single photo of the top cola
  18. D

    What mix-ins do you use to keep pests away?

    Organic growers, what's happening! Switched from Chem to organic this round and went from zero bugs to all the bugs! Curious what you guys are mixing into your soil to keep pests away? How's it working for you? I make a habanero spray and foiler spray. Sometimes I add garlic to it. Seems to...
  19. L

    Is she ready for harvest?

    Purple train wreck week 8.is that enough amber for couchlock effect?
  20. B

    Are these ready yet?

    Hi, first time posting here as I'm desperate for a second opinion but I've grown 2 seeds I had leftover as just a small personal grow, nothing big, but my plants are now coming into their 6th week of flower and without a microscope or experience I'm not sure whether these are ready, the pistils...