Is it weird that only hash gets me high weed doesn't?


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Im from the UK and use to smoke lots of hash it's pretty much all you could get weed only came about years later and hash pretty much disappeared. But I used to smoke hash pretty much everyday for 6 to 7 years and smoke all day long the stoner was always great . I've smoked weed plenty of times but I find I can't properly get high with weed , it's like a little light taster of what may come but it never really turns to fruition so I get very mildly blazed and a but if an appetite but it really doesn't have the same energy that I remember from hash . It doesn't even really make me particular tired or anywhere near as chilled out after a smoke of a hash joint . I know hash quite a bit stronger than weed itself . But what do your u wrekon smoked a lot of has brought my tolerance levels are up and weed doesn't really get me that high or crappy weed ?


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Hash isn't far from any other concentrate as far as potency goes.. Your basically going from smoking dabs to smoking a joint. Doing dabs or concentrates ruins my tolerance and makes it so I have to smoke 2 gram joints to be satisfied, I since have quit doing the dabs and only smoke herb now, but yeah I've had eating RSO daily and also smoking concentrates cause me to build a profound tolerance.

I see the same issue with people who have been smoking blunts instead of joints, they end up needing to smoke super huge joints to be satisfied because they are used to smoking a blunt 3 times the size of a joint.

Whiskey vs Beer


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I was the same way, Its like drinking vodka for a month and expecting a couple beers to get you buzzed. Gotta lower the tolerance pal.


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Definitely a difference. Hopefully you can find some better weed though. If done right, you can actually see the hash {concentrate); or whatever you call it. I call it Sap. Or The Medicine.

Or maybe you where getting that Opium Hash back in the day! Some of that Red Rock. If so, I don't know what to tell ya. lol