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Why isn’t my bud got thc forming and not filling out was flipped on the 30th oct
They stretch after the flip for up to 3 weeks. Then flowers start forming. Trichomes may take some time to develop.
Thank you helps my last grow had thc forming all over the leaves and bugs were huge at 14days in to flower and it’s the same strain I’ve got going now
the feeling you get when your running a 1200 watt dehumidifier for a 2x2 grow tent :O but hey on the bright side today is the first day of flower for my 2x2 :DDDDD,update! i turned my dehumidifier off for like 15minutes and it went from 48% rh to 70% lmfao :O
Hey, guys I'm new here, also a first time grower. I'd like to know when I should prune my plant. Should I pluck out the tiny leaves on the branches?

yeah top it in that pot you dont want much more colas you want it to start fattening

and dont pluck any leaf just defoliate wat touches the soil and when entering flower you can do a little lolipoping if you like
plucking leaf for circulation and light penetration is more like a indoor thing
Thanks alot guys