Method or trick for maximum taste?


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i never even used a fridge, it fucking cold n damp over here in the uk, especialy wales, but i had no alternative to dry it but just let it hang n slowly dry.
ive herd all sorts of info on how this can destroy your crop, ruin the flavour and terps are non existant, THEY WERE ALL WRONG AS MY EXPERIANCE SHOWED ME.
you may even get better results useing a fridge. ive just baught a small gas/12 volt powered one, so im going to be trying the fridge method in about 3 monthes, im hopeing my milawi will take 3 monthes to fully flower and then its fridge. but ill wait untill there fully flowered, even if it takes 4 monthes, well worth it for pure sativa from south africa. i

im going to try cobbing some too, so that should be interesting.
Bro lets escalate and throw it in the freezer instead and wait 4 years to see what kind of dank pops out of that jk jk I would love to try weed dried like that

go go kid

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Dry and cure the same way you would do for any strain. If it doesn’t taste good, it’s not a keeper. The good ones taste good without special treatment.
were talking about drying weed in less then perfect conditions, so cold drying and cureing is a nessesary.
if you use an old frost fridge, theres a trick you can use on them. get a plate of shade leaves and place it directly under the output, and the dried leaves will absorbe the moisture, keeping the RH in the body of the fridge at around 60%. perfect RH they say


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The real trick to the dry/cure is to stretch out the dry for a minimum of 7 days. If you can make it take longer than that it’s even better.

Mind you I’m not saying leave you pot out to dry for a week or two no matter what. Once it’s dry enough to burn it’s dry enough to seal up for the cure and your dry time is over. Make that take a week or two and you’ll have protected all of the subtleties of the pot you have grown. In fact if you get the dry right you really don’t have to bother with the cure. Properly dried bud is ready to go as is.

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One thing before curing, while its still growing is to make sure the plant(s) get alot of Sulfur.

Sulfur has been linked to Volatile Sulfur Compounds, and Terpene production. Even the best drying methods wont take the place proper nutrition.
As stated this is where a flower boost comes in
I hesitated to reply as this thread was seemingly a bit if a troll
But Jimmy nailed it