Upgrading the standard issue shitty blue heelia air pump?


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You know what Im talking about ..

The blue bastard!

Its noisy and not very powerfull, but reliable to be fair. 3/10


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I’m looking at the gh diaphragm pump, I’m running the active aqua 4 outlet right now, and it puts out plenty of air it’s just so noisy in my little apartment. Probably gonna swap out the air stones for flexible tubes too since I think they’re what’s making the most noise.


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Pump doesnt make as much nose ita the jumping on the table.try to put it on a carpet or in the air
Had some rubber and what not under my pump last season.
Without any rubber under it made a ton more noise.
Somewhat fine like that, but I reckon I'll try the hanging method next time.

@amneziaHaze What have you used to hang the pump? Chain, ropes?
Does it make sound from where it is hanged (tent poles) or would one use some sort of rubber there too?


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Honestly i have 2 in my room they buzz but they dont bother me.one is on a wooden table buzzes like crazy other one is inside the tent you can barely hear it.
You can try a string, a chain would be loud metal on metal...
You can allsoo try putting something heavy on it soo it doesnt jump soo much

But she will allways make some sound mehanizm inside is allways pumping. Maybe try to lower her settings

I have 2 with 2 outputs same price i think but huge difference in sound
This one is what i use now and i can say not too bad



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my water chiller makes more noise than my air pump when it's active, but I'm pretty impressed with it, it' not active for long.

but the air pump is just noisy, I have it suspended on a bungee chord in a foam enclosure I made for it... inside my tent...it has air vents but im wondering if i've restricted it a bit too much...