Vertical growing with LED?

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Damn dude that’s killer. Whatcha think the cost will be? What’s the wattage look like on these?
Probably less than a bill. So cheap, lol. Probably the only reason I would even try it. I remember someone made a vertical tube with COBs but thats been awhile ago now. If I was dead set on vertical LED growing after testing, I would just turn a decent quality bar light into tube instead.

The fixtures are around $10 and range from less than 100 upwards of 200+ watts for each screw in fixture. Many kinds to choose from. The 120w ones in the picture I posted don't have the center panel with more LEDs like most the other brands, which would be blocked anyway if trying to make the vertical grow tube. So yeah, I would choose that kind. 6 of them would be 720 watts.

Here's a 6 pack for less than $45. 6 Pcs LED Garage Lights 120w Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights with Adjustable Panels E26/E27 LED Garage Lights Bulb 12000lm Shop Lights for Garage Workshop Basement High Bay Light

Then all you need is a $5 extension cord to chop up, and however many base sockets you need for each fixture to screw into. I wouldn't cheap out on sockets, considering the higher wattage. So another few bucks per fixture.. You could probably chain them all together to hang from the ceiling too.


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Hey guys. I did a few vertical runs back in the day with 1k hps lights. Had phenomenal results.

Wondering what lights you guys are using now a days?

A quick google search doesn’t show much vertical lights options in led. Reading also not good to hang these horizontal led lights vertically.


Nokotech has leds for vertical growing, Its kinda hard to get them but they are those who seriously investing in creating leds for big projects


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I was thinking it would be a fun experiment to buy a 6 or 8 pack of these newer transformable garage style LED fixtures, and stack them all into one long vertical grow tube. Then surround it with the canopy all the way around. There isn't a way to dim them, and they do get pretty warm, but you could switch off every other one, and tilt the leafs to different angles to lower the intensity or focus more on other areas down lower that need it more..

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Something like this?
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To grow like this:
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Or with a cage around it instead. "COG" style ;)
The efficiency of those is less than a 1000w hps
Hello. Vertical runs can be tricky with LED lights, I get it. I faced a similar dilemma when upgrading my setup. Ended up going for a specialized LED panel designed for vertical growing. It took some digging, but once I found the right one, the results were impressive.