Will these specs work well for 1440p with high settings?


Plan on having a co worker build me a custom pc. Not trying to sell a kidney or anything just to game. Will these specs picked out so far work well with AAA games at 1440p on high graphic settings? I'm not into streaming or do any serious work on pc. Just gaming.

Specs picked out so far.

Cpu - Ryzen 5 7600x

Motherboard - gigabyte b650 AORUS Elite AX

Ram - G.SKILL Trident Z5 Neo RGB Series (AMD Expo) DDR5 6000MT/s

GPU - power color RX7800xt hellhound

Storage - 2tb samsung evo 990 m.2

PSU - seasonic focus 750w gold

Cooler - arctic liquid freezer iii 240mm

Monitor - HP Omen 1440p / 165hz IPS

Still deciding on case, peripherals, ect. What do you guys think? Will this setup last me a few years?

Ps - I do not plan to overclock or anything crazy. Just PBO on default settings. Hence the cooler.


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Will be fine at 1440p, my system is slightly lower spec than that, i5 13000k and Saphire 6800xt 16gb, with 32gb ddr5@6000mhz.

You want 32gb ram minimum though, for balance. 64gb if you are feeling flush but 32gb is the sweet spot at the moment.

I even run some games at 4k, but only older or less demanding ones really, but at 1440p it should be perfect.