1. premiumcultivars

    Win 24 Biscotti Feminized from Premium Cultivars

    You can win 24 Biscotti Feminized Seeds from Premium Cultivars this month. Winner announced on the 1 August 2022. Just sign up / T&Cs here to enter:
  2. GorillaSeedBank

    Win Feminized Swiss Skunk from Gorilla Seeds - 2 Prizes on this platform available

    Win Feminized Swiss Skunk from Gorilla Seeds- 2 Prizes on this platform available The prize we are giving away is this : TO ENTER: 1.Comment below - telling us why Super Cheese would be so good for your collection. Increase your chances of winning by entering...
  3. C


    At Cannabis Seeds Store we have a great competition exclusive to rollitup!! To win incredible goodies by royal queen seeds please comment below and we have a exclusive discount code for anyone that places an order at css Use the code rollituphvy and you will receive 3 free heavyweight seeds...
  4. Vividled

    Becoming a site sponsor

    Hi there I'm a new led luminarie and kit supply business in the UK. Im supplying hlg quantum boards hlg supplemental boards, meanwell drivers and lots of latest gen cob kit. And I was wondering how I would go about sponsoring your great site and then hopefully giving away 1 or 2 bits of...
  5. Dyna-Gro

    The Ultimate Growing Competition

    LINK TO CURRENT LIST OF PRIZES ON DYNA-GRO's WEBSITE Welcome to the official 'The Ultimate Growing Competition' originally hosted by @Big Perm. Dyna-Gro is now hosting a ‘run what ya' brung’ type of grow competition open to everyone! The rules are very simple. So is winning! Anyone can play...
  6. Team Vault

    Expert Seeds Social Media Competition from The Vault

    A heads up for everyone in the forum. We have posted a compo on 3 of our Social Media Channels where you can win some 25 packs of Expert Seeds (3 prizes available). You can find the links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to enter via this blog post! Look out for an Expert Seeds 15%...
  7. SickSickWorld

    FastBuds LSD-25 - Anyone interested in a same strain multi grower grow?

    Hey ya'll. This started off as a bit of a joke, but I think it would be great to get it underway. Just look at that beautiful fucking bud. Gorgeous, isn't it? Well, the idea is for a group of us to grow this strain (mildly-competitively), germinating at the same time and reporting results...
  8. FrozenChozen

    *-*The 8th Official Party Cup Grow Competition Update Thread*-*

    Pop your beans! The 8th official party cup grow competition starts now. All you had to do to enter was comment in the registration thread. It's that easy! Reg is closed now, so if you didn't make it, there's always the next one! Rules from the 6th and 7th cup comps stand! This will be my second...