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  1. KyleTheShaman

    First Grow Advice For Bodhi Seeds: Eden Transmission

    Hey guys! This is my first post on the forum and and also my first grow inside of a tent. I got a pack of Eden Transmission (vintage Vietnamese #7 x angel wing pearl afghan) by Bodhi seeds, and a tent that is 4x4. I plan on saving the genes by making seeds. I wanted to know the best way to...
  2. C

    Need help with seedlings showing various signs.

    Hey, I’m looking for some help with my seedlings showing some weird signs. Mainly the right two are being kind of funky. I think I may have gave them too much nutrients and I may have gone too long without watering them for a couple days. The little one felt a little dry so I thought I may have...
  3. stephend9

    Pics of my 4x4 tent with adjustable shelves and thin LED panels

    Hi Everyone, First post here, but thanks for all the insight you've given while I've lurked around for a while. I wanted to get a bit more functionality out of my 4x4 tent so I bought a 5 shelf metal unit that lets you adjust the height of each shelf individually. I'm still trying different...
  4. atomicData

    Hello, My Name is atomicData

    Hey, Y'all, Although I have used Rollitup as a resource many times in the past, I have finally decided to join. Thank you all in advance for your knowledge, insight, and support!