seed junkie genetics

  1. Mikenike

    HLG Saber vs Amare SB800, Wedding cake RDWC

    Finally got 8 cuts from the same mom/time Setup: 4x8 tent/ 8 site RDWC/ Co2 8 HLG Saber strips Amare SB800 (8 bars) Megacrop, Epsom salt, Calmag OGBIOWAR + molasses powder Perfect PH inline ph adjuster @TorusHydro Cuts are currently under a 4000k QB
  2. higher self

    Seed Junkie Genetics

    Let get this started!!! Man I waited almost a year to score another pack from SJG. Went broke copping 2 packs of Animal Mints bx :eyesmoke: going to pop a whole pack when my tent clears up in another 2 weeks. Making F2's will be kept in mind while growing but I need some bud to smoke 1st haha...