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  • Hey brother

    I just traded for some of your Black Cherry Creme beans.
    Im doing a cherry hunt this year and really would love some info.
    I wish I had some more, but he only had 3 or so.
    In my search for info I found you !
    You wouldn't have any stashed away you would trade me, do you ? Lol
    Nervous I only have a few, not sure how they were stored.

    If I can get them to pop I'll keep you updated
    Widow what's good with you daddio? Long time no see or hear from. Hit ya boy up whenever you pop back on the scene.
    I have a cut of Geranimal cookies x wedding that’s retard fire strongest ever smoked . Your boy in ak unblock me on ig fucker you need to see this
    Hi Bigworm ,got reffered by post tread wanna kindly asking to sending me pm thnks
    Do you happen to have Instagram or some way that I can view your seeds and whatnot? I heard you are be man for the crazy colors and nice buds
    Hey bro iv been looking for purple strains and was recomended to try your gear its almost unheard off to get purple strains where i live so really want to try find somthing special in yoir gear whats the would you recomend bro your help would be appreciated
    hey my boy! i have a quick question
    im going to purchase a couple packs from oregon elite
    they have your gear on a nice lil sale
    do you have time to break down
    Bad Boy
    Jah Makin Me Cray
    Prime Glue
    Tight Dojo
    I cant find the lineage on the web.
    much love my brotha
    Looking for some purple awesomeness, in the states. Where can I get double purple dojo? Or what's your suggestion?
    hi bigworm!
    Is there a chance to get your seeds over here in europe? Your strains look great and i would love to grow them!!!!!
    Hey Big, checking in but offline for a bit. Hope life is treating you well? Give me a shout and let's catch up.
    HI bigworm, I was wondering if you had any of the dpd left? Doubt my lucks that good, but I stumbled across OES & DCSE and got some bcd which then led me back here, seems I've been gone far too long. lol Thanks for your hard work!
    Hi. I have some Qazy Elephant from OES. Could you give some background on the strain and what I may expect as far as characteristics and outcome?
    Hey Bigworm I talked to you about acquiring some of the Purple Voodoo stock awhile back... It helps me with my back pain better then most strains, main reason I've been after it other then the amazing skunky/berry terps. Anyways let me know if you can hook a brother up!! Thank you for carrying on this beautiful breed!
    Hello. I've been admiring your strains and seeds and I was wondering if you have a website or a preferred place that deals in BigWorm gear. The Black Cherry Cream and DPD look fantastic.
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