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  • just noticed the message... its just another unprotected forum dude, really should be looking into more securiy - especially if you've already had issues with piglets knocking at your door!
    Your inbox full, but add me over there. same name as here or whats your name? i deleted it on accident
    i'm hearing ya on the chemdog kaka. not a fan of it's diesel offspring for it's anti-nature flavor, but onyx does have a nice touchy feely buzz with it's truck stop flavor. some sour cream would clear that chemical out.
    Box full kent ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Red elephant , pickle bud , infinate bliss bud, bc jedi deathstar, and blue elephant i got one of each for free in the mix pack freebies. All feminized . They arent even for sale feminized on sny site yet. I got an email asking if id take 5 fem seed packs of what i ordered and they refunded some money plus gave me the freebies
    Seedlings atm man . Only put 2 of each in tho . so fucking expensive i didnt want to put them all in incase something went wrong. But healthy awesome little buggers they are.

    Its just mad how they look and the thc is outta this world man
    Yeah man i reckon they are legit as man . Else they would of been driven out of the market by now with bad reviews and press
    Yeah ive just never been one for selling hydro gear cause ppl come to look and then they know u got hydge and then ya end up getting robbed or home invasion or cops. I just keep it till a mate wants it or it will probs sit there till i die. Im keepin the mega head nft sys but . You can have the grow fridge for nothing. Just have a look at it when ur up here and if ya want it cool if not cool
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