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  • sorry bud jut got your message havent been online in forever... um i usually get mine in jamaican stores in philly or nyc ... u can try googling it.. i did before but u have to buy them by the pounds.. and theres alot of diff ones... it would be hard to have that not dry out... but i can give u a few tips from using them for years.. look for the light color ones... and the thinnest leaf.... also if they do dry out u can boil them for a few mins then dry them for like a half hr good to go
    hahaha! I've been surfing. gonna hit the gym real quick too before the prelims start. I had a busy morning
    hey whats up man i wanted to ask ya when ya got a chance if take can stop by my grow thread. its labeled my first real grow socal style! Its in the outdoor section i apprecaite it!
    I've never had a problem w/ potency when I used nothing but organic amendments in some of my grows. Maybe tell your buddy to check out sub-cool's thread on organics and see what his results were. He may change his tune then. Maybe he's just trying to justify buying those expensive nutes and soils?
    hey whats up man. quick question my friend from this site told me on the phone that organics is not the way to go. He says organics is for vegetables. And that is takes 4 weeks to flush and ya cant do that with out the bud coming out not as good. He says ya simply cant flush living micro organisms. Hes goin with sun shine pro mix its a clean soil i guess. and hes using fox farms grow big and tiger bloom says hes doin well.

    Whats your opinion? thanks
    right now im gonna have to say frank mir. he got more muscle on him now and nasty skills. i wanna see gps v.s. spider silva
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