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  • Hi Jats,

    where do you order your seeds from? and to what, a work address? what do you think i can start on because I havent done it before so will be a 2-3 plant indoor set up.

    Thanks for your help mate
    Hi Jats I hope all is well. I was wondering if you could please tell me what PH & PPM I should be running in my Autopots? The PPM is what I am most uncertain about since every water has nutrients and I don't want to over do it? FYI- I am using Pura Vida which is suppose to be 100% organic if that makes any difference. Thanks for your time, NS
    hi jats, i got 2 single 35cm autopots that i purchased from www.newagehydro.com.au it came with perlite and ionic grow nutes,ph buffer in it.im going to be using fem seeds,how do i go about starting them off in order to be transferd into autopot?.should i put seeds in those growdan cubes i think they called in a humidity dome under compact fluoros,then once they have sprouted and grow abit till i c roots emerging from growdan cube,then transfer into a small pot filled with perlite,then veg till she needs to be transferred again into the autopot.will i need to water from the top to start with?will i need airstone and aqaurium heater for res?will i have to worry about ph?can i use 1 autopot to veg with,then take veged plant and put it into the other autopot to flower?do u think str8 perlite will work well?or can i use organic potting soil with the perlite? ok enuf questions for now,can u give me a bit of help
    im new 2 roll it up ad wanna start a greo with those auto pots u were using...do u recomend them for a auto flower strain?...thaks in advance
    Question, how do you keep your babies warm when its cold out? Its 44 deg outside and their room is getting cold. Any suggestions? Let me know what email to send em to and the tracks are urs. They are ".m4a" files compatible with iTunes.
    hey man can you give me some more info on the characteristics of NL X HAZE and how it grows flower time amount of veg time, yields things to watch out for i ordered regular NL and they sent me NL xHAZE...i see that you have grown this so any help would be great.. thanks..ppp
    Hey dud007 ,,,,, I have been using LEDs for my mothers now for over a year.... I spent alot of $ on 3 pro bar LED lights from solar oasis.,they are kind of shit for the money I spent,as they need to be used with cfl or hps/mh to be fully effective... but I would wait another 3 years or so before spending any more $ ((for stand alone lights))....... but if you want to look at promising,cheaper leds then you can cut out the middle man and buy direct from China.....thats where they make them all anyhows..... there is a thread that got shut down but you could prob still find it,,it was very informative ((mostly)) ...check out Ledgirls thread,,she is selling Leds with the angles of the individual bulbs set at 60 and 90 degrees instead of the usual 130 and you can hang them closer with "better" results...... I hope this made sense to you...... :^)
    I have a Carbon filter set up to my output fan on the ceiling....works gr8 when its on....but I'm thinking of getting a small uv ion generator for out side the room......
    its called dancing in my happy place...... I am an artist,,so I am always making stuff... I love making stencils but its been abit cold here to make good ones so I'm doing some combinations of painting ,drawing and stencils
    I'm sorry for pissing you off... I'm a sister not a mister ((maybe that's why I need to communicate things clearly)) ...thanks for clearing the mom thing up for me.. but please bear with me on this... I don't understand the diff between talking about buying seeds and talking about buying buds...that's all.. I'm not trying to piss you off and I apologise again if I have .... jats
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