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  • does anyone with a rec or medical grow use soil/soiless or is hydro the only way to go? is aero the best choice or is there a better hydro system to consider? is recirculating too risky? any advise or feedback would be appreciated. blessings
    Booboo highkite
    I use dirt with horse crap chicken crap in little camper with fluorescent lights two shop lights and 2 bar for lights low amps and only one dam and they grow bud like a sob I only let get 4 ft high wether it be auto boom or reg it’s cheap opp to have sand grows plenty enough to smoke I don’t grow to sell
    im a master electrician with skills in most other trades and i was planning on building a custom aero sysrem but i dont know if thats a good idea. i got ryan douglas's book "from seed to sucess" and he recommends contracting out systems to professionals. ill be installing custom built led fixtures and doing the hvac and ventilation systems myself.
    iwas planning on leasing an existing building and retrofitting to grow. im planning on building a custom aero system in half of the space and using the other half to grow in promix or coco until i get the aero system dialed in and producing consistent harvests and then upfitting the other half to aero. im wondering if the growth rates in promix is too slow to be commercially viable?
    hey bro ive been reading some of your posts and it looks like u do big things and i was hoping u could give me some feedback. im a clandestine cultivator in a red state but i live near virginia which just legalized and im considering trying to go legit. i currently grow under hps in flower and i use promix in grow bags with emerald harvest nutes and recharge.
    Hey sir. Any chance you can check mypics.out tell.me what you think? I'm new here trying to.follow rules so forgive me if I'm breaking them in advance. I've been growing this plant since April outdoors I got bettle borers and cut my stalks then it bounced back. I'm not sure how far she is becouse of the stressing from the bettles. Just trying to see how much longer shes going to be.
    Lorhooha please could I ask your advice on my babies I have pics just wanted to know your opinion I'm not sure if I should flush now first time for me ;-)
    Hey bud, you wrote in the herbies seed closed thread that "If in the USA at least there's plenty to order from in the states". Care to share a few? ;-) I'm tired of mailing money orders and waiting weeks just for it to get there.
    Rocky Mountain seed back
    True north seeds
    These are ones I use all the time seeds here now you can even call them and they answer
    Nice - thanks man!
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