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  • So gonna fill this 12 inch tube, loosely, not totally packed. With a filter packed in first on the butane intake end. Got 3 cans. Gonna blast until it's clear with no graininess texture left. How long should that take? Do I need to hold it strait up, or maybe lean cockeyed into dish?
    Aight aight aight! Starting TODAY! Got Whip-It 0% impurities from local shop. Thinking of ordering a case of Lucienna off Amazon for the future. What tane are you using?
    lol was up man, yea shoot
    i actually just did a winterizing batch of some headband
    Sup Man? Remember me from BJ's Brew House in Lewisville?
    Been a month or so sens I began this journey. The lengthy post of Winterization has been very Helpful. Just a few ?s let for you, please sir?
    the stuff iim using right now hasn't been off the plant very long. but i just made a batch that had been off for quite some time. i end up with amazing touchable errl but i still can't get wax. I'm all over the place trying diff things. id rather just winterize and make shatter but people are breathing down my neck for wax and to be honest with you I'm to stubborn to give up on it. I've followed your step by step to a T and i just can't get it to wax up.
    @ Vmd710 get the temps down, try it at 115 or 120, and what is the condition of your starting material? do you know how long it has been off the plant?
    hey twitch man all I'm getting is sap. is it really all about that 130-140 window? I'm using a heated vac set up but I'm only getting sap. i want wax lol. just looking to end up with the melty wax then the shatter
    unfortunately there is a long process to get the pump oil separated from the good oil, i think guzias has about 50 grams of wax sitting in pump oil because he cant bring himself to throw it away, at least i think it was guzias. i have done it and i just tossed it, was very upset
    Yo bro I have a question bout some waxed I purged. I might have spilled some of the vacuum oil from the pump into my bho wax while trying to stop the purge ? Is my wax screwed ? Or could I still smoke it ? What would u do ? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks bro
    I'm a big fan of getting your moneys worth.I'm a decent hash maker..oils with iso.etc ,but I havent done butane or waxes. I noticed your shit looks amazing and I didn't know if u had instructions or tips. Thanks in advance
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