Choose your strain carefully.

Just a little misconception of advice I see alot of pros that will give to someone who knows almost nothing about what time it is .will be to start out growing auto's because they are easier to grow . Well Stop the clock home boy you telling lies , sure there's nothing to it ?? Wrong! Reasons I say this is because you can just drop the fucker in some dirt and grow some buds really fast .but you want good fat sticky cola's you gotta tie up from snapping a branch you gotta amend the soil just right and do top dressing. this little part here is the the most critical part of you over advice that is not for a someone starting out .if you mess up your soil you going to have a rough time if you over feed them you going to have a bad time.emmm k? .
Oh you don't know how but you want to grow some nuggs yourself?? I got you something easy and and forgiveness. Grow a photoperiod a indica if you want fast easy. Yes you going to wait a little longer than some auto's and do a little bit of work. But not gotta know everything right off hand .


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I wouldn't say autos suck, they have their place and experienced growers with good genetics are getting good yields of pretty high THC buds. However, they are not what I would recommend for a brand new grower that's not sure of their environment or how to water. Mistakes can impact growth and if you can't deal with that, they're not for you. I for sure don't know any experienced growers telling rookies it's the way to go.