Cleaning grow space. Isopropanol alcohol


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I’m growing in the closet. Wooden walls and some wallpaper on one of the walls. I had little bugs issue so I am doing proper clean up. I used bleach and water solution etc and at the end I’ve just hit the interior of the closet with 99.9% isopropanol alcohol, walls etc. Shortly in all my genius I’ve realised that this shit is flammable as hell and as my closet is small, with the light going it can get really hot so.. now I’m paranoid that the temperature would set the whole thing on fire… I’m just thinking that I’d wash the interior again with bleach and water tomorrow and that should be fine. Anyone got any experience with using isopropanol alco and am I just being paranoid ? ^^


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It evaporates fast, but, next time you can dilute it with some water and still have a very effective sanitizing liquid.

But as above...if you used it pure, it will evaporate fast unless you have puddles of the stuff, then you might have an explosive gas.

If the distinctive ISO smell has dissipated, AND it's dried out where you used it, (wood and wallpaper where it might linger longer untill really dry) then its basically evaporated and gone, I'd 'air it out' for maybe an extra day and use an extractor fan to speed up the process.

It has a very strong smell, so if you can't smell it any more then your certainly not going to set the air on fire with a stray spark, how much has seeped into the wood or wallpaper might require a little more caution untill you're sure it's dissapated, but then you'd literally have to hold a flame to it to set it off, it's not going to go boom from a random spark.
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