Hardcore is dead


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Ok ... There's a long back story with this one. This guy (hardcore warrior) is/was pretty infamous around here. He just fucking loved metal and hardcore so fucking much he oozed it. He's a little ..hm. How you say it kindly...? Different...? Solid fucking guy and we all supported the shit out of him going to his shows etc. He'd play to anyone. 1 person..? no fucks. He loves it. So. Here you go. Lol. Hometown proud.
MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!! HAHA he's the best!!


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Hardcore is dead? Was it ever alive? Wtf even is hardcore?
Hardcore is still around and kicking, you just have to go out and find it. Cloud Rat is one example...I've seen them a couple of times. To me there is hardcore punk and hardcore. Hardcore punk is way better with hardcore still just being bro beatdown shit with idiot kids in the pit windmilling their arms into peoples faces....not cool. Kind of like nu metal meets punk. Hardcore punk having very little breakdowns with brutal vocals and speed...more of an evolution of punk. Some of the best original hardcore punk was from the finnish and swedish crews back in the 80's.