Help with troubleshooting. Any advice appreciated!


I'm a noobie. Just started for the first time.
Started seeds on Sept 26th. (wet paper towel and a plate method)
Germination on the 28th.
Seeds planted on the 29th.
The plants are fourteen days old today.

I know my main problem is that the average temperature is at 85° F. The temp's daily average low is around 68°F and it's high can get up to 90°F. I'm using six CFL's at 23W, 6500K, 1500 lumes. I run the lights 20/4. Twenty hours on and four hours off. I'm working in a closet. lol. obviously.
My Setup:

I have eighteen plants right now. No idea what's male or female. No idea if they're even going to grow. I hope to just keep one or two good ones. The best out of the bunch. I hope I even can get one at this point!

I didn't know if by the pictures you could see anything bad with my fertilizer?
See the yellow-ish spots?

Some of the leaves are curling? Heat is the culprit by what I've gathered from the forum.

Here is a plant in relation to my finger. I feel like they're small. It seems like they should be bigger than this for being two weeks. I mean compared to what I've seen.

I'm using Miracle-Gro All purpose plant food at 24-8-16. I started at half doses (half a tsp per gallon) and now use full doses (1 tsp per gallon). I'm confused because the box says: "With watering cans: Mix 1 Tablespoon for every gallon of water using the large end of the enclosed scoop" and then it also says "Indoor plants: Mix 1/2 teaspoon (the small end of the enclosed scoop) per gallon of water every 2 weeks. We do not recommend foliar feeding for houseplants"

Should I be using the Tablespoon scoop? I don't want to shock the plants so I should work up to the higher dose, right?

Here's my soil as well.
Garden Safe Organic Garden Soil.
Guaranteed analysis: 0.04-0.06-0.04



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You seem to be overfeeding. Your plants show mild nute burn coupled with mild heat stress imo. Young cannabis plants should be getting maybe 1/4 strength nutrients, then 1/2 ...
Use pure water for a few days, then return to 1/2 strength MG. Your plants will give you signals when their appetite returns. cn


Overfeeding? Great, thanks! See I thought I was UNDERfeeding. And I know the heat's an issue, sad face. I've got fans running to help the circulation. Also I'm monitoring my PH. I'm putting in 7.0 water because the water that's draining out is measuring at 6.0. That 7.0 is tap water that's sat out in room temperature for two days and 1 tsp fertilizer.


This is day two of watering with no fertilizer. The plants still have the same spots on them. I just changed the setup with the lights so hopefully the temperature will stay down. It seems stable at about 75°F.

Question: Is it bad to have fans blowing directly on the plants? The leaves slightly sway back and forth with the air movement.


Today is day twenty-two. I'm still having problems! LOL.

Have a look-see!

The setup:

The plants:

They look quite sickly don't they... :sad:

This one looks burnt?!?!

I've been using distilled water with no fertilizer for the last three waterings. My PH is stable at 6.5-6.7. I don't have a PPM meter so I'm unable to take PPM readings as such. I've no idea as to what our municipal tap water's PPM level could be. The temperature is maintaining at 70°F-75°F. Lights are running twenty hours on four hours off. A fan on low speed is blowing directly on the plants stationed about a foot away from the setup. What am I doing wrong? It seems like the new growth is growing more green, not the iconic cannabis dark green, but darker then the larger leaves. The eldest leaves (cotyledon, and fist true leaves) are turning almost completely yellow on almost all the plants.



you need good air movement...moving plants = strong stems and branches..also less likely to get any kind of mold when they flower...yellowing is prob strong.....dont worry about leaves already yellow worry about the ones that are here in the south lets temp can get 90+ but good air movement and not over feeding gets my ladies where they need to go


The yellowing is worse today. I'm not using any fertilizer. Could it be that they aren't getting enough fertilizer?


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I'm guessing a combination of too much water/nutes. The little ones don't need or appreciate much fertilizer, and those cups in that bag look like a moisture trap to me, unless you were watering really sparingly and had some holes in the bottom of the cups. All I see are drooping tips.

I would lay off the nutes for a bit, and ease them back once they've recovered and grown a bit. Less is more, with water and nutes, since too much can set you back and/or damage your plants, better to be a bit low than too high bc you can always add a bit more, but it's a bitch to remove what you already added. Since you just transplanted to huge containers, remember how little your plants and their root systems are, and be careful to cut back your watering intervals until they get bigger. Depending on the moisture levels, you'll only need to water once every few days - give or take, until the plants get bigger and the roots spread. I water sparingly around the root ball with transplant rooting solution (vit. B stuffs) to encourage root growth and to give them a bit of moisture while I work the new soil's moisture levels up, usually from the bottom to begin with.

They look ok though, nothing horrible that I can see, just cut back a bit on the nutes and H2O and they should perk up within the week. Your existing growth probably won't change much in appearance, but the new growth that shoots up will look healthy if you treat them right, so don't freak if the leaves you started with don't seem to improve.


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My seedling link for you to see how i roll with things.

Temps always under 25c.
Your light are too close still!
Re-pot them into bigger pots and fresh soil, use perlite in the mix.

You already screwed the ferts up so with the repot and moving lights a bit futher away you should be cool with just plain water, distilled water needs the calcium and magnesium putting back into it.

Get good seedlings and the rest of the grow will slot into place for you, seedlings teach you ferts, heat and watering. Peace


It's day thirty-one!

The soil is moist so I guess I'm going to wait to water.

Here are some more pictures of the setup and plants.

This plant seems to have different leaves. How can I tell Sativa form Indica?

I'm not really sure if I should wait to start flowering or not. I just transplanted and feel like I should give the roots time to settle in.


Hey guys. Here's an update.
I'm on day 75.
It's been 3 weeks and 3 days that the lights have been on a 12/12 cycle.

Can anyone give me an estimate on how much longer until :joint:?

Here are some pictures to help.

Plant one.
This plant is different than the other two. I'm thinking sativa?

Here is a close-up of the two main colas.

Plant two.
I'm thinking this plant is indica.

Half of this one had a light fall on it and the ENTIRE STEM BROKE OFF! I WAS PISSED!

This is plant three. My favorite.

Will all the little buds be smoke-able as well?

So, how much longer will they take? How much bigger will they get? How do they look? I'm overall satisfied with the progress. I mean It's only my first grow.


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im not sure how much longer theyll take.another month and some change maybe..and yeah you can smoke the little buds too. looks good for your first grow.


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I think you might not need to feed em for a while damage already done will stay done. I would base any further feeding or light adjustment on new growth.


Is it normal for me to have to move the lights daily? The plants are growing like crazy and getting too tall. Should this be happening? The plants would outgrow the lights and get burnt if I didn't move them.


None of my plants have trichomes. how do I know if they're ready? The pistils are all truing brown but there are hardly any trichomes. What should I do?

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It looked like it was on the right track a month ago. I think your smoke is atleast some good mids (pics?), dont give up bro. Next go round order yourself some Nirvana Seeds or pretty much any breeder on attitude and u will get some danky.


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still have a ways to go bro...patience those are sativa dom...flowering time 10-12 weeks ....some longer depending on dom.

get a scope and you will see the trichomes....i can see them just from the pics!