Leaves drooping and tips yellowing


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Just throw a inch of worm castings on it and call it a day lol
i have worm castings. should i use it with nutes i am currently using? wont be too much with synthetic nutes and inch of worm castings on soil?

yeah cal toxicity can be anohter problem. anyway about to have epsom salts too. i will use it only.

okay next time i will check pH of run off.


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Worm castings wont burn plants. Idk what effect the amount of nutrients you're using would have combined with castings. That magnesium sulfate can be brutal to plants if over used. Normally I'll just use Epsom salt for foliar spray. Adding it to soil use a teaspoon per gallon of soil. Unless you're talking liquid form.


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thats how they looks like now. i watered them 2 days ago and pot already light like there is no water in. buds seems like not fattening. i think growth slows down.

this is ww.


this is autopilot.