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...and I'll bet you looked great in it.

I didn't really have a mink vest, nor was I a pimp. Always wanted to be, but didn't have the correct credentials...
Thanks, it was one of those adolescent fashion decisions. I saved my money for it, since my parents thought it was outlandish. I thought I looked magnificent. In retrospect I doubt I looked quite like I thought. Ahhh the follies of youth.


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I destroyed my down jacket wrecking on a motorcycle, not fun looking up from a ditch with feathers floating down (down floating down?) Everyone else thought it was funny, I kinda did also when I figured out all my appendages were still attached. Leather from then on.


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When I was a kid, a crazy old man up the street had rescued a family of flying squirrels and had them living on his screen porch. Well one day I was walking by looking at the squirrels play and the old man says come on in and pet one. That was a mistake for a kid with no shirt on, about three of those little bastards ran up my legs across my back and belly. Holy shit I couldn't get out fast enough, hell i looked worse than tar baby in the bier patch.

Ohh I like mine fried in bacon grease, but Crisco will work just fine for me. Corn mill, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, Milwaukee Best..... yummy.

Duck fat is incredible to fry with, especially any wild game! It's better than a bacon infusion..


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I shoot em. They steal the chickens feed and burrow where they shouldn't. If they get into buildings, they like to chew wires.
they taste really good also.